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NYX Wonder Pencil

Hello beauties,

I think everyone needs a flesh tone or a nude liner in their collection, it might not be a must but you should still have one-who knows you might just need it- Today I have the NYX Wonder Pencil in Medium and Dark here, the wonder pencil comes in three shades actually the third one is Light which was a little too light for me so I decided to try out medium and dark instead.

The formula is a little bit drying and the texture is not as creamy as I'd like, the only nude pencil I have to compare it to is the Revlon Brightener Pencil which glides on way better and more creamier, now I know I said it is not creamy but it is ok, you can warm it up at the back of your hand before applying. It is well pigmented but tugs a little when applied to the waterline and ohh the finish is matte doesn't have any shine or glitter what so ever.

There are many ways to use this pencil and that is why it is called the Wonder Pencil, it can used as inner corner brightener, can be applied to the waterline, cupids bow, to neaten/ highlight the brow bone and even conceal blemishes, but I have only tried the meduim for waterline and dark to highlight the brow bone, because it is drying it can be a little harder to blend and no one wants a straight line underneath their brow. 

Price wise I think it is ok, I just wish it was a little more creamier, is this something I'd recommend?! honestly no! try something else, I would not be repurchasing either obviously! but I'll still get through both, they aren't bad but manageable. 

Do you have a nude/flesh tone liner?! Have you tried the NYX wonder pencil before?! I'll like to know your thoughts! Stay beautiful and have a nice day! 

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  1. thnx for this babe

  2. I'm yet to go hunting for my skin tone nude but lucky you and I love the very honest review.
    "Well done girl!"....Always wanted to say that

  3. I've been wanting to get the nude eyeliner from rimmel forever because I totally would love one for my waterline! I totally must check this out if I see it next time selling!

    1. i want the one from rimmel as well- but not available, you can check this out when on sale. :)

  4. i have one of those and till today have no idea what t do with it. I tried using as a concealer and it was a fail.

    Simply Uneeke


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