Lady Wannabe Blog: Normal People Aren't Perfect

Normal People Aren't Perfect


I hope you are all doing well? and how is the year going so far? well it's only February so it's ok if it is not perfect, there are still 10 more months to go.

From the post title you can already tell this isn't a makeup/beauty kinda post, sooo lately it seems there's been so much perfection everywhere which I feel is making a lot of people have low self esteem, especially on social media we see a lot of women trying so hard to be perfect well no one will blame them, when you see others living a 'perfect life', 'wearing the best makeup', 'travelling the world'- you might want to ask yourself, why not me? why can't I be this perfect?

You probably have those aunts and uncles or even parents who likes to remind you of where your mates are, what you should be doing or what your mates are achieving and as human you might let their words get to you, you might even see other peoples lives as perfect.

In my opinion there is no such word as 'perfect' if you see people with perfect smiles, makeup on social media you need to remind yourself that this is not real life - no one's got the perfect anything, it might look better than yours but it is definitely not perfect. Same goes for the flashy lifestyles, don't ever be fooled it's not as flashy as it looks.

So take it easy on yourself, just be yourself and remember timing is everything, we all have flaws and some hide it better than others. So yes Normal People Aren't Perfect if they are perfect then they must be abnormal, I mean like seriously mention 5 people who has the perfect everything, no one has it all.

In a nutshell nothing is wrong with you, you are perfectly normal-

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