Lady Wannabe Blog: BEYONCÉ -- My Fave Tracks

BEYONCÉ -- My Fave Tracks

Hey guy! How's your weekend going so far?

I'm a huge fan of Bey! I mean what's not to love? She talented, got great moves, beautiful, hard working.... and the list is endless.. 

King Bey surprised us with her self titled album on Friday, what a good way to start the weekend? 

This album is really a huge surprise, no media, no press, no hypes or previews what so ever. 14 new tracks and 17 music videos, She just never stops working! She's really a grown woman :)

So most of you already knows about her track flawless featuring Nigerian writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, it's one of my fave track but with Bow Down in that song, I got confused (not like my opinion matters LOL)...

Here is Ngozi's verse; 

“We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller.

We say to girls – you can have ambition, but not too much.

You should aim to be successful but not too successful otherwise you will threaten the man. 

Because I am female I am expected to aspire to marriage.

I am expected to make my life choices always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important.
A marriage can be a source of joy and love and mutual support.
But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage and we don’t teach boys the same?
We raise girls to see each other as competitors not for jobs or for accomplishments,
Which I think can be a good thing.
But for the attention of men.
We teach girls that they cannot be sexual beings in the way that boys are.
Feminist: A person who believes in the economic, social and political equality of the sexes.”

My favourite tracks;
--Blue ft Blue Ivy
--Flawless ft Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
--Mine ft Drake
--Drunk in love ft Jay z
--Pretty hurts
--No Angel

Great job Bey! Do your thing! 

Have you listened to the album yet? Which tracks are your fave? 

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  1. Yeah! Spot on!!! She got the attention back from her fans haha.. She's good! The internet went Nutts :)
    I need to watch all those tracks in full, it was like eating bread burger without the actual beef ''thingy'' She gave a taste and the rest ?????
    Have a lovely weekend babes...

  2. i absolutely LOVE Beyonce thanks for sharing you fave songs I'll listen to them. Hi dear! I'm a new follower on your blog on GFC and bloglovin and I'd love it if you followed back :) I'm looking forward to your future posts..

  3. I LOVE Beyonce!!!!

  4. My fav right now is 'mine' ft drake. Lovely lyrics in that flawless song.

  5. I love her she sure know how to market herself.

  6. Awesome blog!!!
    Can we follow each other via gfc bloglovin and g+?

  7. Hey Lovely blog, can we stay in touch?
    Can we follow each other?

  8. I can't believe I haven't listened to the album yet! Stupid final exams! But I love Beyonce and can't wait to give it a listen :) New follower!


  9. She is very talented and inspiring!

  10. nice :)
    maybe we will follow each other on GFC? let me know :) (on facebook too if you have )

  11. I heard and read about all the buzz, but honestly I'm not really a huge fan. I do respect her hustle though, she's a talented woman. Good post and thanks for your visit on my blog appreciated!!

  12. I LOVE Beyonce! My favourite song is Dangerously in Love from her first album.. although she's released so many killer tunes it's hard to choose! xx
    Gemma xx
    Miss Makeup Magpie

  13. what!? have I listened yet? Lol a million times already. I woke up out of my sleep the night it came out to blast it. It was so unexpected but so worth it. I love Blow, Flawless, Rocket, Partition.....almost every song really.
    xoxo, Ty

  14. I love bey so much

  15. She did what I call the unexpected, and still ♥♥♥♥♥wow♥thats all I can say.

  16. A bit random but you actually look like solange knowles! thats a compliment! :)

  17. Beyonce did that! I love your picks for faves, mine is Mine and Drunk in Love, but I seriously love every song on the album. I even really really love Superpower, I just think it sounds so interesting. Rocket too, obviously penned by Miguel. I didn't expect it but I'm so happy it's here, it's definitely some of her best work :)

    The Indie Byline


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