Lady Wannabe Blog: 20 Random Facts About Me

20 Random Facts About Me

Hello everyone, 
 Today I'm sharing 20 random facts about me, if I wasn't tagged honestly I wouldn't do it.. I just don't know how to talk about myself ...I was tagged by Temidayo of Exclusivetins, Tosyne of Tosyne101 and Chioma of Realcilverly.

1. I'm half Tiv, half Yoruba (sometimes I lie to people to see if they'll insult me in Yoruba & then I'll respond haha!)

2. I have a mark on the right side of my face (I had to touch it to know where) it isn't tribal means nothing lol.. but has a really long story to it---story for another day!

3. I can't write or type friend without auto correct or cross checking (85% of the time)

4. I'm very forgetful lol(my mum complains a lot about this.. that's why a note book and my phone reminder app are my BFFs)

5. I love Beyonce and nothing can come between us lol!(huge fan)

6. I LOVE draw soup any kind ogbono, okro.. it just makes the meal go slow (if you eat/love draw soup you'll feel me)

7. I look way younger than my age (I challenge you to guess my exact age) it does bother me sometimes especially when someone my age or even younger starts feeling like King-Kong because they look bigger.

8. I'm kind of an introvert-- I can stay home for a week or even more with my phone switched off(let's just say I enjoy my own company)

9. Sometimes you won't believe no.8.. when I'm with friends or people I'm free with.. even sometimes I can be a talkative to an absolute stranger.. Let's say I'm moody then.

10. I love pictures aww my phone camera photos is currently 5648..and now I realize I haven't taken any photos with my phone in 3 weeks (been stressed out lately)

11. I LOVE vegetables haaaa if you want to kidnap me just make me coleslaw/salad or give me only carrot self (I think I was a rabbit in my other life)

12. My worst moment is when I'm hungry don't just come close to me.. it's even terrible if I'm hungry and tired... Seriously you'd hate me.

13. One of my biggest challenges is weight gain. (been trying for more than five years now)-- witches from my village at work I think **straight face 

14. I love free WiFi.. I'm an internet freak like seriously(I stay up all night browsing what i don't even know) One time my school WiFi was off for like 24 hours or so.. I had fever(not joking)

15. I can't stand oversabi people.. God eee they are so annoying.... If I know you're one I just don't bother arguing with you (people like that are not open minded, why waste my insufficient energy)

16. I'm scared to carry few weeks old babies I feel like I'll drop them(who'll carry mine for me now ehn)

17. I hardly pay attention to people (especially when we have nothing connecting us) I mind my own wahala

18. Maybe you already know this but I LOVE sales like kilode?? Sometimes I even force/persuade my friends to buy things and they be like are they paying you for this? (I just can't see a good bargain pass by..well unless I'm broke)

19. I hate people trying/taking advantage of me.. like na me be ode abi?

20. I hate when people refer to me as dear, hun and the one I just can't stand is doll seriously!! Please don't call me Funmi it's Olufunmi :) (Honestly it's no big deal but that's how I like it).  

--I just had to add this--as a Yoruba/Tiv girl I love meat I can eat that S**t in my sleep... You know they say too much of everything is bad?! Too much of meat gives me life!!

Thanks so much to the lovely ladies that tagged me :) and thank you for reading.. I think almost everyone already did/posted this tag.. If you haven't please feel free to tag yourself :) and drop a link...

Do we have anything in common? Do have a lovely day :)

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  1. Your an interesting pelson*in tatafoo's voice*.
    I've been trying to gain weight too but it's not working....

  2. We have four things in common....... I've been trying to gain weight forever, the evil fat just rests in my bum and belly leaving my arms skinny
    I am smaller than my age and I'm sure my village people know something about this
    I swear I don't like taking pictures but I don't know how I happen to have 4,448 pictures of me on my phone
    I can stay indoors for a week but definitely not without my phone

    1. hahahhahha! you are so funny seriously!

    2. Forgot to mention that u've refused to follow back

    3. You don't have a follow button on ur blog

    4. I'd fix dat n get back to you

  3. I obviously want to know more! I will definitely be sneaking here more often!

  4. hahaa... i think we all love free wifi...interesting to know im not the only one that loves a good bargain..make sure you hook me up o.

  5. I love to stay indoors as well.
    I am also an introvert.
    It was nice getting to know you more!

    1. Ohh! looks like the introvert thing comes with the name haha! :)

  6. We have stuffs in common too. 7, 8 and 9. I look younger than my age, always wanted to add weight so I can look better but it just refused to come and now I have given up on that. I am an introvert who equally have qualities of an extrovert.

    I ate people trying to take advantage of me too. Hmmm so u don't like those words like dear, doll! Hahaha . it's noted cos I use that word a lot for people.

  7. I overlove draw soup. I can't even eat any morsel food without draw soup seriously. I'm an introvert extrovert lol... if that means anything. I get bored on time and I can't sit in a room for hrs except there's free wi-fi lol but i hate the stress of getting up from my bed haha.. By the way, I like the mark on your cheek :) maybe because my mum's got a mark that's not obvious on one side of her cheek too

    1. Like seriously no soup does it like draw soup haha! :) and Thnks :) now I'm touching my face lol

  8. ohh hmmm with u on the struggle of weight gain......I also find it very hard gaining matter how I try...the thing is even frustrating sef.....most annoying part is when people ask u eat at all.....
    nice getting to know more about you

  9. This post just cracked me up,now i know you don't like it when you called Dear,Hun but Olufunmi we have number 7,8 9 and 15 in common.

  10. This world sha!
    You trying to gain weight, n I'm forever tryna lose weight! #thereisGodo! Lol
    Who doesn't love sales! I remember checking out ur online directory blog regularly just to find out new sales offer. Lol

    Nice read.

    1. I wish you could just transfer or cut and gimme or something :( lol!

  11. It's nice to read more about you, best wishes:)

  12. Lmaooo that was so me i tried to add weight for years it didnt work but immediately i gave up and totally forgot about it boom!!! I have added so much would when your body wants too :D

  13. Hmmm ook ohh.. I'll be patient lol :) hehe!


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