Lady Wannabe Blog: Panty Liner Loving + My Fave Brand

Panty Liner Loving + My Fave Brand

Hello everyone, this is my second post I hope someone will read it hehe :)

 I just want to talk about my love for panty liners, you have to admit they are life savers at times, imagine you're in a mall and suddenly you feel a discharge down there, all you have to do is just change ur liner, no discomforts or itch. 

I was introduced to panty liner about two years ago by my friend and since then there is no going back :). I do have virginal discharge sometimes, which makes me uncomfortable and itchy and not just that when it gets dried on panties especially cotton ones, it sometimes takes a lot of scrubbing (which I'm so impatient for :(.. :D ) Ok so if you don't have discharge always you might want to use during ovulation and few days after period for spotting 

How I use and when to change? 
Basically I use after bath and change at least 4 - 5 hours on a normal day, but if there is more discharge(usually during ovulation) I change more frequently.
I also change at night before going to bed.

What brand I use and Why?
Previously I used carefree pantiliners (I have no problems with it) but recently I discovered Sofy scented liner. 

Why I love it? 
--It keeps me fresh all day 
--It's really slim( you won't even know you're wearing a liner)

--I love love the scent, not only keeps me fresh also leaves the fragrance on my panty :D
--It's inexpensive 

I'll try to review like 5 more to tell you the differences, but from the two I've used I love Sofy :) 

So what is your verdict? Do you use panty liners too? Which brand is your fave and why? :) 

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  1. Interesting, this is the first time I am actually hearing about them. Nice post :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for sweet comments!

  3. U use it afta birth?

    'Bath' u mean?

  4. These seem great! Lovely post x

  5. I use tesco panty liners and I think I prefer carefree just that I can't get them rightnow so am managing tesco. Actually, I use them because I don't have to scrub and scrub my panty *covers face*

  6. I used panty liner once but I stopped using them after like 3months.didn't see any need for them..the only time a lady should discharge is when she's ovulating..if you are always discharging and its itchy as you say, then you should see a doctor,and please do not wear panty liners to sleep, sleep with your cotton pants or without pants..I do not think scented stuff are good for the v too.there has its own natural smell so why use scented liners?..I wear just my pants, I do not discharge unless I'm ovulating, Just learn to keep there dry all the time and you'll be fine..sorry for the long note.

    1. Hehe! thanks for the info... I'll do everything necessary :) thanks for stopping by! :D

    2. Well having vaginal discharges even after ovulation doesn't mean you have infections, ladies have different cycles and one can actually discharge throughout this period, the only time infection comes in is when d colour is dark and not white like its supposed to be...and yes the scented liners could actually cause these infection.

    3. Ok true, she said the discharge is itchy, if the discharge is itchy its an infection, if it is not whitish sort of it is an infection too and if it has any funny smell also an this is for every lady. Wash your v with clean water always,change your pants. Twice or thrice a day, always use a tissue when you urinate to keep there dry, once you start sweating and feel wet in your panties, change it,cos when there is wet, infection can come in but once its always dry, trust me you'll be fine..the sanitary pants are not so good all the time cos the v needs air, wearing that always won't let air penetrate, like I said earlier sleep with loose cotton pants..have as much pants as possible too.. Good hygiene is very important when it comes to the v.sorry for the long note again..:)

  7. If you take probiotics supplements (ask from any good pharmacy) it'll help with vaginal discharge and infections. I have been using for some weeks and seen results. I love panty liners! Definitely gonna look out for these brands.

  8. Used them but stopped. Now I jst use v wash while aving my bath and I stay fresh and dry all day...luckily I dnt av to pee while at work. So wen am back home by 5 am still fresh.. No smells, No stains :)

  9. your blog.


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