Lady Wannabe Blog: Lip Liners?! Yes Or No?!

Lip Liners?! Yes Or No?!

Hello beauties,
So whether or not you love to line your lips or not you will admit it is still a makeup step, essential or not, that will depend on you, personally I hardly wear liners, or sometimes I'm into it sometimes I'm not but there is no denying it helps give a nice crisps lipstick application.

Now unto a few reasons you might want to wear a lip liner:

Extends the wear of lipstick, wearing a lip liner can help the longevity of  your lip color, so even when the color starts fading off there is something under to stick to.

Liners could help prevent lip colors from feathering and bleeding, yes especially when wearing a bold lip color you'll need a lip liner.

It is great to balance out lip color, if you have pigmented lips, then liner is your way forward, the lip liner will create a nice and even base for the lip color so it can appear evenly.

You already know about the Kylie's lip trend, to get fuller lips a liner is needed, yes I'm talking about over drawing your lips to give the illusion a fuller lips but if you're already blessed with fuller lips no need to do this.

Like I mentioned it helps gives a nice crisps lips, once the liner is done, it is easier to apply lipstick on top, just in the lips and not outside(if you get what I mean).

A few liner tips and tricks
If you are wearing a sheerer lip color ensure to liner all over the lips so the lip liner and color won't look like they are fighting with each other. 

Ensure lip liner and color are closely related, I mean color wise, unless it is an ombre lips or a universal lip liner, deep pink and red are two different things.

..and lastly don't forget to blend to avoid that weird ring around the mouth.

If you don't want to use a lip liner to achieve a nice crisps lips try a lip brush, especially with bolder lip colors. lip brushes also help achieve preciseness. So what do you think? Are lip liners essential for you or not? Is it a Yes or No for you?! 

Let me know what you think, what is/are your fave lip liner to use? Have a fabulous day and stay beautiful! 

Happy Easter Monday!!!
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  1. Absolutely Yes! I used lipsticks for a long time without lip liners but after i tried a lip liner from cascade of colors, i became addicted,now i can barely use any lipstick without a liner. Liners make lipsticks appear smoother and also helps lipsticks stay in place..
    Modavracha | Blog

    1. yes u'r right, there is always something different wen u use a lip liner

  2. Yes to lip liners. For every lipstick I have a lip liner, they are perfect. Thanks for sharing some tips as well, happy Easter

    1. lucky u, i don't have that much lip liners! Happy Easter, hope u enjoy ur day :)

  3. Lip liners are not an essential for me but I do love the finished and defined look it gives this lips especially when you go for a bold or ombre lip.

    Princess Audu

  4. yes please for lip liner i dont think i can use any lipstick without using a liner

  5. Thanks for this!! I'm always on the fence about lip liners. But I may give them a second chance now!

    Sophie |

  6. lipsticks can look great without liners.

    However, I think it's quite important to accompany ur nude lippies with a liner... There's this whitish pale look that a nude lippie gives you when u don't line your lips..

    Loved ur post!

    Meanwhile I tagged u on my 'whats in my bag' post.


  7. My lips are so tiny that with or without using lipliner, the lipstick will still run all over the place. I always love how they look on other people tho, they give the lip definition and yes they make the lipstick/color look crisper.

  8. I love lip liners! However, I don't love when people line their lips with black eye pencil. It looks too off. Sometimes I use a bolder colour lipstick as a lip liner.

    Precious Core Blog


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