Lady Wannabe Blog: Recipe; Beef Veggie Gravy

Recipe; Beef Veggie Gravy

I'm a vegetable lover but I'm not a vegetarian, I never heard of Chicken Vegetable Gravy till few days back when Sisi Yemmie posted the recipe, I knew I wanted to try it, It looks easy, fast and simple... well it is. 

I decided I'll make my veggie soup with beef instead and I loved it, super easy and doesn't take too long to prepare.

What you'll need

Green Pepper
Vegetable oil
Curry, Salt, Bouillon Cubes, Thyme

How To Prepare

--Prepare your beef the way you normally would, add all necessary ingredients(salt, curry, bouillon cube etc.)

--Cut vegetables into your preferred size.

--Place a tiny amount of vegetable oil in a pan and stir fry the vegetables.

--When your beef is cooked, add the vegetables and allow to boil. You will notice the gravy is watery, here you have to add a thickener.

--There are different thickeners you can use, there's cornflour, you can use actual flour (yes, the one for baking) or you can use Irish potatoes(which I used).

--Mash potato and pour into the veggie mixture (I boiled the potato with my beef). leave for about 2-5 minutes to thicken.

--Your Beef Veggie Gravy is ready

--Serve with Rice, Spagetti, Yam, Potatoes or drink as a soup (if you make it more watery)

In my case I served with Rice. I must say again I loved this and I enjoyed it... Thanks to Sisi Yemmie for the tip.. You can watch her Youtube video on the recipe HERE

Have you tried this recipe before? Would you try it? 

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  1. Funmi this is yummy. My favorite but with plenty pepper.

  2. Great recipe!:) I don't eat meat very often, but the vegetables look so delicious! Yummy!;)

  3. You got me so hungry this looks so delicious I want to eat it now.

  4. Yum!I love soups! Lovely blog!I just liked your Facebook page (Andrea Jueong-Fabulous Torture)it would be nice if you do the same and stay in touch :-)

  5. Mmmmm this looks great!
    I love soup not only because it's healthy but also because it tastes good :D
    Come and check out my last post if you want?
    Maybe we can also follow each other?
    What do you think?
    Love, Lima xoxo

  6. this looks delicious.

  7. Haba Funmi,why did you do this to me ,my stomach is grumbling for a taste of this o! Being looking for some new recipes and thank fully I found this. Will sure try this OK and give you the feedback. Cheers !!!

  8. Yummy ^_^

  9. Thanks for sharing this recipe! It looks SO good. Love that you added beef to it :) I'm a huge meat lover myself.

    Just found your blog and I'm glad I did. I really like it! I'm now following you on GFC and Bloglovin, Pinterest and Facebook.

    xo Azu

  10. that looks great! I should try it some of these days!

    NEW POST! latest purchase <3

  11. tasty!! thank you for the recipe! just followed with GFC.. hope u follow back :-):-

  12. Looks delicious!


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