Lady Wannabe Blog: Tips; How To Make Your Mascara Last Longer

Tips; How To Make Your Mascara Last Longer

Do you hate replacing your mascaras very often? Yes me too! I used to change my mascara almost every month (which was so annoying) till I found some ways to make it last longer than a month. 

How To Make Your Mascara Last Longer

--Always make sure your mascara tube is tightly closed after use to ensure that air does not enter because air can cause the mascara to dry up faster. Also don't forget to store in a dark and cool place.

--Do not pump the mascara wand vigorously while using, as this too will allow air into the tube. To use mascara simply tilt the brush on one side and the brush will be coated with the mascara solution or rotate the brush in circular motion as you pull out. 

--In case your mascara dries up or gets thick, you can add one drop of water to the tube and shake well. 

More important tips
  • Always check the manufactured date, do not buy mascara whose manufactured date is more than a year, Old mascaras can cause eye infections (this happened to me once). 
  • The water trick is suitable for water-soluble mascaras, not waterproof mascaras.
  • It is advisable to replace mascara after 3-4 month of use.
Do you have other ways to make a mascara last longer? 

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  1. Love the Dior Mascara :)

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  2. Great information and tip now I just learn where to find the date thanks.

  3. great tips.
    am guilty of pumping my mascara vigorously.

  4. These tips are great! Thank you for sharing :)

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  5. Great tips! I think there is just something oddly satisfying about pumping that mascara!

    Tiana Hood

  6. Great tips! And I kind of agree with Tiana. Hahah. :D
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