Lady Wannabe Blog: My Top Ten Favourite Movies In 2013

My Top Ten Favourite Movies In 2013

It hasn't been a perfect year, some weeks good others horrible, rough, smooth days, but in all of these days we sometimes need to relax ya! For me I love movies, whether comedy, sci fi, action or super hero movies as long as it keeps me entertained and oh I hate horror movies :/

My top fave movies in 2013
Grown ups 2
I'm sure you've seen grown ups 1, I love this movie, funny! not one single dulling moment for me, well you know the casts Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock this trio can make you laugh till your face hurt.

Fast & Furious 6 
Whoop! one of my all time fave, action from first scene till "THE END". Well I love to watch them drive their fast cars and I also love their team spirit I mean they can practically do anything for one another. 

Moral: Not only blood makes make you family, loyalty, commitment, and trust also does.

Now you see me

French-American movie, about four young magicians trying to make it to the top, I've watched this movie more than 10 times, that's how much I love it.

Moral: Pride and greed is destructive, don't be too greedy to want it all, do your thing let others do theirs.

This is the end
Let me start by laughing hahaha really this movie is funny, starring funniest celebrities you know, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel, James Franco and others. The friendship of six friends was put to test during a catastrophic events.

Moral: Friendship is more than hi hi, love, respect, forgive and be open minded with your friends. 

Thor: The Dark World
Ohhh Thor, I love this movie from part 1, ok some super hero movies can be annoying, but this one isn't and for some reason I love the character "Thor" himself LOL and in "The Dark World" I started to like Loki.

Moral: Be careful, know that people never change.

We are the millers
This is another funny one, four people pretended to be family to smuggle drugs from mexico, well it wasn't that easy for them.

Moral: Don't judge people, we all have our good sides.

World war Z
A Sci fi movie almost like resident evil (which I love love, love) but here Brad Pitt is saving the world. Action from beginning till the end.

Moral: Family is everything, be selfless sometimes.

Side effects
I really hate those slow movies(I don't know what they call them), but this one got me, so much suspense, it is a psychological thriller movie where a woman killed her husband due to the side effect of her prescribed drugs.

Moral: Don't trust women and therapist haha. 

The Internship

So many funny movies abi? I love this one so much, Two men with zero IT knowledge became interns at Google in hope of getting a job there. With Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson you'll laugh all the way

Moral: It's never too late to reach for your dreams, age is just a number. 

White house down

Well another action movie, I've watched this so many times already, a cop happened to be on tour with his daughter at the white house, when the white house was attacked, he saved the day and the president alongside his daughter. 

Moral: Be nice to people, you don't know who's going to save you. 

And talking about faves here is one of my least fave.. After Earth

Argggggghhh! Is it just me, or the hype was too much, I love sci-fi movies but this whew. I was waiting for action till the movie was over.. LOL 

Which movies are your faves in 2013, do we have any in common? Happy new year 2014 in advance :)

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  1. Great selection my favorite The Millers. Have a Happy New Year may it be filled with happiness and success.

  2. lovely selection.
    all great movies.

  3. Thor: Dark World is at the top of my list! Amazing! Happy new year x

  4. The ones that I saw on this list were great! We're the Millers was too funny!

  5. All lovely movies,esp Fast and Furious 6,world war Z and now you see me. Unlike you,i love horror movies so much,they top my list.

  6. Olympus has fallen nko? Hunger Games 1

  7. I liked WORLD WAR Z and SIDE EFFECTS. I haven't seen WHITE HOUSE DOWN, but i've seen OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN which came out in 2013 as well and that movie was one of the best movies i've ever seen


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