Lady Wannabe Blog: Review; Elianto Eye Primer

Review; Elianto Eye Primer

Hello everyone, 

I used to apply my eye-shadow without a base or primer, I noticed then the eye-shadow creases and sometimes disappear to where? I don't know :/ Well now as a wannabe an eye primer is a must have for eye makeup as it helps to put eye shadow in place and avoid creasing. My first try out is Elianto Eye Primer 01.

This is a cream primer, the color is light pink kinda.

What Elianto says: 

Enhances the performance of your eyeshadow.Its blend of emolient oils and waxes allows easy layering and blending for results that stay fresh for hours.With skin-softening aloe vera extract and anti-oxidant vitamin E.

Primer swatch 
with eye shadow & without
I have been using this eye primer for about 2 month now and it's on a plus side for me, gives me a yellowish base which makes the eyeshadow colors pop and gives a vibrant look, I apply mostly with my finger and the fact that is affordable gives it an extra plus plus. It sets pretty quick.

The good: 

--Prevents eye shadow from creasing and gives a smooth finish.
--It also blends in well :)

impressed with staying power (updated)


No big deal, I think it's just ok but I like how small and little it is. 

Price: RM25 
Size: 1.6g 

I definitely recommend this primer :) If you're not having a long day (those days you go out for few hours) 

Rating 3.8/5 

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  1. It looks good hun; I love eye primers
    Afeeyah xo

    New post ~

  2. Looks interesing.
    I stoped using eyeshadow because i love to be natural. But i could use this on special Events.

    Thnks for sharing.



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