Lady Wannabe Blog: Style Crush; Gbemyy

Style Crush; Gbemyy

Hey guys, Happy Saturday, Hope the weekend is going well? I'll like you to meet one of my style crushes. Gbemyy my Facebook friend! 

When I was little, I wanted to marry a Muslim, just because I loved the way their women dresses, especially how they use their scarves and accessories.. I don't know where that wish disappeared to LOL! 

I'm so in love with Gbemyy's style.. I see her style as simple yet chic and classy! We've been freinds on Facebook for a while now and she reminds me of my childhood wish hehe 

I would love to jump into her wardrobe and steal some things for myself! :)

Do you have any one's style you are currently crushing on? Have a fab weekend!! :) 

She's on Insatgram & Facebook 

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  1. Love her style :)

    Check out my new post Here!!!

  2. Your friend is beautiful, and she has a pretty interesting style too

  3. This lady is beautiful and fashionable too

  4. Thank you for you lovely post :) This woman´s style is orignally and perfect! :)

  5. Beautiful you .. You are great when comes to colour combination and mixing the styles :)
    Thanks for your comment on my blog.. I have followed you .. hope you will follow me as well

  6. This is one sexy Alhaja! Very stylish.

    I like how she doesn't let religion limit her fashion wise. Although I am not a muslim, I love covering my head so much that during my uni days, some people thought I was.

  7. She Looks so goergous.
    i like the 3rd pic.


  8. She's gorgeous!
    Her sequined blazer is everything!

  9. you look beautiful

    love Vikee

  10. She's just amazing. New crush right here :D


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