Lady Wannabe Blog: Tips & Tricks; How To Maintain Pick & Drop Braids

Tips & Tricks; How To Maintain Pick & Drop Braids

I'm not really a braid person, I braid like once in a year or two self! I mean it is really time consuming and my little tiny butt will start to hurt, en but I decided to do 'pick and drop' for no reason (uhmm maybe 'cos it's faster than usual braids). 

The fear is how to maintain it, ah after sitting for more one to two hours the hair should last a while abi? Well I got a few tips and tricks I've tried and I'll love to share them with you
First and foremost, before you braid at all ensure your hair is well relaxed, if not it will become messy real quick. 

1. Apply oil or cream to scalp at least twice a week, If you feel to lazy to apply all over the hair concentrate on the front area to avoid dryness and possibly dandruff. 

2. Use a big comb not brush, brush with only makes the hair tangle, big comb goes through every strand and comb out.

3. Braid at night or when you are home (part hair into four or six depending on the size and weave), when you braid the hair it reduces the chance of getting it tangled, well if you are extra careful when you sleep then you can skip this, but me ahh I'm not and don't worry once you comb out the braid curls are gone. 

4. Use a hair net / sleeping cap, ya! because you braided it doesn't mean you shouldn't cover it, cap helps your hair to stay in place.

5. Use weave oil, use oil once a week or more, but I prefer once a week, I don't like my hair to feel oily. 

** because I hate to deep my hands in oil, I poured my oil into an empty perfume bottle (you can also use a spray bottle), makes it easy to apply, I just spray puff puff and I'm done!  

Ya! that's how I make my braids last long and clean.. Do you have more tips to add? What is your favourite braid style? Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Still looks very nice and neat after a month. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

  2. It looks great a month later. Good job!

  3. gorgeous hair style

  4. Lovely tips.

  5. your braids looks so clean after one month.
    great post.

  6. You really took care of them , awesome tips! Thank you for sharing

  7. It has been years since I did pick and drop hairstyle. But I must say you really kept it well. Nice tips!

  8. Still neat after one month, that's nice

  9. This is so smart. I haven`t done pick n drop in ages now because of how it tangles. But this post actually makes me kinda rethink. I might be getting it done in two colours like yours as well. We`ll see :)

  10. I hate to sit and braid my hair too but I do love braids a lot. Nice tips.
    You look lovely..

  11. Great tips, was thinking of doing pick and drop braids, this very helpful

  12. Wow!! They look as good as new. Thanks for sharing :-)

  13. Love the hair me too is getting pickndrop for birthday hope it will nice stay sweet God bless


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