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A Little Bit Of eBay

Hi everyone,

Ahh eBay, whenever I'm bored I just go there and add stuff to my wish-list and watch list, the thing about eBay is you get a lot, same item, different prices, different sellers and even if the item on your wish list is sold out, someone else has it. 

The only downside I see in shopping from eBay is the shipping time argggghhhh!! especially for someone that likes FREE shipping like me *wink wink* it takes a really long time whew! and another thing is trusting sellers, I buy mostly from high ranked seller and ones with more positive feedbacks.

Ok enough history, I ordered some stuffs from eBay, they took quite a while to arrive but when they did I was so cool with it that I forgot how long delivery took.

Blazer: I have been wanting to add more colours to my wardrobe, so this lake blue blazer is just perfect to add to the collection, at first I was skeptical about getting it, I mean I was scared the texture won't be so good, it's eBay you never know, but I've seen similar/same pictures on local websites and I was like WTH just get it.

I must say I'm impressed, really good quality clothing(Let's wait till I was LOL), even though the shipping took like forever close to six weeks.

Cost: US $8.88 (RM 29.30) Buy HERE

Wrist watches: I saw The Blackpearl Blog's post on the watches she got, so I decided to check it out, and even though I went there for colourful watches I came back with Black and White, I guess I'm related to Janelle MonĂ¡e in some way... The watches are made of silicone with gold plated detailing, they go with any outfit and I love how soft they are.

Cost: Black - US $2.41  (RM 7.95) buy HERE 
White: C $2.29 (RM 6.78) buy HERE

So these are my recent eBay buys (check out my last one HERE), have you ordered from eBay lately or before? Have a fabulous day!
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  1. The Blazer is good investment..but looking at the size i guess you'll have to resize it or send it to me*winks*

  2. lol.. ya got it in medium to be safe :)

  3. I love the color of the blazer jacket. Great buys!

  4. Love the colour of the blazer. It looks good.

  5. Lovely pieces,I love your jacket and Ebay is great.


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