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Avon Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick

Hi everyone!

Whoop Avon always have long names for their products Whew!!! So Ultra Color Absolute is their latest lipsticks collection. I got the samples since February but I've been a little busy to write about it. The collection comes in 10 different shades and it gives medium coverage. 

In this post there will be only five 5 shades; Red velvet, Plush plum, Ripe rose, Soft raspberry, and Caramel comfort. 

Caramel Comfort is a pale nude, doesn't feel like I applied any lipstick it's on glides on easily. Soft Raspberry is a light coral pink of all the pink shades this one is the deepest/darkest.
Red Velvet is a coral red glides on so well, a little more pigmented than the other shades and it creamy in a lovely way, it also last longer than the rest, perfect for everyday red lips. Ripe Rose is light pink shade, it's creamier then the rest and slightly pigmented. 
Plush Plum more like Ripe Rose I really can't tell the difference, it a little darker though but on lips looks almost same. 
Avon Says:

--Non-feathering and non-bleeding
--True color technology with self-renewing pigments
--Formulated with antioxidant and conditioning ingredients: vitamin E, vitamin C, phytol and collagen
--Color complete complex formula with over 50% moisturizing ingredients
--SPF 15 sunscreen 

This lipstick gives sheer to medium coverage depending on the particular color and they last only for a couple of hours. It glides easily and smoothly and I love the way it feels on my lips, moisturising.

It doesn't settle in fine lines, well the finish is not super excellent, they are a little bit more pigmented that regular tinted lip balms, the one thing I love about it is that it claims to give lip conditioning even after you take it off.. YA that's kind of true my lips felt softer even after I removed the lipstick.

Would I recommend? If you are a fan of sheer lipsticks or lip butters you would love them, and well I suggest picking the darker colours as you can see from the lip swatch Plush plum, Ripe rose and Soft raspberry are almost same.  

Have you tried Ultra Color Absolute Lipstick? or any Avon lipsticks? From the swatch which would you pick? Have a fabulous day! 

Price: in recent campaign RM 19.90
Available at Avon outlets or through their representatives link

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  1. Beautiful colors.
    Love the Red velvet.

  2. The red velvet and plush plum are cool

  3. I like the red one

  4. I've always wanted to try avon make up, it's sort of hard to come by in singapore at least from my experience! I would love to try the pink shades, I love sheer lipsticks, I have dry lips!


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