Lady Wannabe Blog: Top 13 Favourite Apps On My Phone

Top 13 Favourite Apps On My Phone

Hello everyone!

I'm not so much of a gadget person or even apps for that matter, Yah I download apps but mostly when I first get a phone, there some apps I've not even opened in months now, while there are some I can't live without use almost everyday.
I'm an Android user yah! I use HTC One X... So here are my top 10 fave phone Apps;

1. Facebook: Haha! Like someone doesn't visit that almost every hour or maybe it's just me. 

2. DailyBible: This is a devotional app, featuring daily scripture verses and devotions, honestly I don't open this app everyday, but at least 5 times a week, my favourite devotion is Hope For Today by Joel Osteen his teachings are so motivating it keep me going. The good thing is you can save and play later. 

3. Instagram: Just like Facebook I visit frequently, sometimes just to do AMEBO on peoples picture haha! Don't judge me jo. 

4. Photo Grid: This is one of the best collage apps I've used, I mostly used it for my instagram pictures, or editing pictures for other purposes. 

5. MyDays: This app right here is so far the bestest seriously, it's a period calender. I'm almost the laziest person on earth so this app is just right for me.. And when I say accurate, it's more accurate than the world clock. You should try it.

6. DoubleTwist: I have other music players, but this is tha BOMB. It let's you create your own playlist and it also creates playlist for most played, top rated and recently added, so it easy to find your recently downloaded/added songs.

7. Drive: I used to love Dropbox but it started saving my files as empty then I switched to Drive, it's amazing I just upload on my computer and have it on my phone, no stress at all, not just that you can open on any computer too.

8. Beautylish: One of my fave beauty apps, get access to makeup tutorials, product reviews, pictures, nail art tutorials and you can also ask question beauty and makeup related of course. It's a good inspirational app for beauty bloggers

9. ColorNote: This is where I write down my to do list, wish list and other lists, you can also set a remininder with this app. 

10. Tetris Console Deluxe: Remember this game? Yah! I found it on playstore sometime last year and I've been playing it almost everyday since. 

11. Easy Task Killer: Ahhh this app helps keep my battery in check, it kills running apps, some apps just run to run your battery down LOL.. another app I love is the battery saver.  

12. Aviary: One of my fave photo editor, comes with super cute effect and my what I love most is the whiten effect yah! for teeth haha! check it out :)

13. Pages Manager: makes post easier for Facebook pages, uploading picture, creating a post. check out my Facebook page and please LIKE 

And Ahhh How did I skip BBM??

What is/are your favourite phone apps? Do have a fabulous day! 

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. I love most if them u I followed u in Instagram so do follow back

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  2. gonna try this!!

  3. i have most of them as well,i also love UB browser and once there i go to either or to download free songs.


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