Lady Wannabe Blog: Nail Loving; Messy Palm Trees

Nail Loving; Messy Palm Trees

Hello everyone, 
Colorful summer inspired nails, think palm trees think beach... Honestly I don't even know what season they have in Malaysia... if we are in summer or not... all I know is when it rains it's heavy, when sun shines it's hot... wheeew... back to me nails(in Arya's voice) 

This is a super easy nail art and what you need is only your nail polishes and a straw... Yes straw.. let's get to it...
Step by step:
1. Apply base coat, then apply two layers of white nail polish
2. Wipe off both ends of the polish brush, leaving a little polish on it... then apply the colors one after the other horizontally.
--they must not be neat)
--Cut the straw end into half, cut the half into another half(now you have a nail art tool)
3. Deep the straw into a black nail polish and gently press on nails (first form the branches before proceeding to the trunk)
Tips: you can do a gradient nail instead of step 2
pour some black nail polish on a paper to make to make applying with the straw easier. 

What color(s) do you currently have on your nails?? Would you try this nail art? Have a fabulous day!

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  1. So lovely. You rock!

  2. I love the palm trees! You are so good!


  3. Beautiful! That's really creative. Def going to try it out.

  4. Beautiful nails! Great job!

  5. This is cute and very creative too! Hope I get to try this out asap... Keep up!

  6. Messy or not, I really like the design and the colors. Palm trees = summer so I'm all about that! Hope you're enjoying the weather in Malaysia.

  7. Beautiful creativity. U rock!


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