Lady Wannabe Blog: Creating A Simple Blog Header

Creating A Simple Blog Header

Hello everyone, 

So the last post we learned about moving blog header, today let's see how to create a blog header "image".. Blog header is the first thing people see when they come to your blog I believe it should be as simple as possible and cute too.. you know not too much flowers, birds etc... well it depends on how you like it :) Let's get to it...

1. I use picmonkey to create and edit pictures, so go to picmonkey, clict EDIT and select any desired picture from your computer this will be your background (in my case I'm using a white background)

2. Once you do this, it's your turn to get creative, there are lots of options to create a cute header.. I'll show you how to create 2..

1. Simple header with text
On the left side click on the 4th option to edit text, then click add text, type in your text and choose your desired font, change colors, increase or reduce text size.. When you are done save (save in .png)
--click the first option and crop your image (your image height and width is up to you (to check your blog width go to Template--Customize---Adjust widths)
example of header with only text

2. adding overlays
On the left side choose the fifth option, select any overlay you want (you can increase, reduce, fade overlays) edit till you are satisfied. When you are done save (save in .png) 
p.s you can also add you own preferred photo**
--click the first option and crop your image (your image height and width is up to you (to check your blog width go to Template--Customize---Adjust widths)
with overlays 
3. Now go back to your layout, click edit on header label, upload your image, check the box that says "Instead of Title and Description". Click SAVE.

You're done! As easy as that! Try it out! Any question don't hesitate to ask.. Have a lovely day! 

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  1. God bless your heart Funmi....Now i can create a header for my blog
    Thanks for sharing this
    The Beautiful Eagle

  2. I'm so excited about this post.been wondering how to create the image i would use for my header.thanx to u problem solved.

  3. Great tutorial Funmi, easy and straight to the point.

  4. Thanks for the tip. A friend designed mine when I started my blog. To think I could have done it myself to save her the stress (Aby has suffered in my hand tey tey)Thank you. Anyways I nominated your blog for the Liebster award. Please check it out

  5. i was even thinking of doing this, but yea nice tip, straight to the point and very useful.

  6. Yea!! I just did mine.. Mwah


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