Lady Wannabe Blog: Nigerian Beauty Wishlist

Nigerian Beauty Wishlist

Hello everyone, 
I've been lusting over some Nigerian makeup products like tey tey but since distance didn't allow me I just keep my self kampe.. Anyway I decided to make this wishlist because I have some friends coming over.. isn't that a great opportunity....

House of Tara Blusher in Dariya, I first read about this blusher from Beauty in Lagos blog and she had nice to say about it.. I'm not really into too much colors on the cheeks but having one or two well pigmented blushers won't be bad. Available here.

House of Tara High Intensity Pigment Eyeshadow Palette in Margaret Ekpo, first I saw this on That Igbo Chick's blog and I was like yeah it looks great and then on Chloe's makeover blog( one of my fave makeup blogs BTW) and ohh I just fell in love with it.. and other reviews I have seen emphasized on it's pigmentation. Available here

Mymakeupng Lip candy collection, you all know I have a crush on this collection, after seeing swatches from my fave blogs there is no way I won't want one or maybe two.. the shades that really ministered to me are nude, wedding crasher and beauty in Lagos. 

Lila'lli Lip collision, this is a new brand I think I first read about the brand from Olumakeovers (another fave makeup blog).. I've seen the lip collision swatches on other brands and I'm in love with these shades Sophia and Marilyn. Available here or here.   

Zaron face primer, so Olumakeovers reviewed this primer sometime last year and she had nice things to say, since then I just had it at the corner of my head.. I have oily skin and she said id makes makeup lasts longer, stay matte and fresh.. hmmm won't be too bad to give it a try now?! Available here

I have a long list really but these five product are on top, hopefully I get them and try them out soon. 

Have you tried any of these products? Any recommendations?

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  1. Lila'lil Lip Collision is also on my wishlist....Ez of Beauty in Lagos did a review some time ago.
    Your bag is filled with lovely items, can't wait to read your review for each of them

    1. Lool I know right? it looks so gorgeous.. can't wait to have them and review too :)

  2. wow the palette looks amazing! i bet the colors are super pigmented!

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  3. Lovely wish list! I do the same when I miss South African products and have family visiting ;)


  4. I want the house of tara blush..been looking for it for ages

    My near death experience..the killer cockroach

  5. Ooh i love i should try nigerian products..

  6. Unfortunately I've never tried any Nigerian make-up products. They're usually a bit pricey. I've got ♍y eyes on House of Tara lipsticks though.

    1. yes I also noticed that too, but I think Zaron and tara products are quite affordable :)

  7. I love the tara palette as well.will get it as soon as I can.the colours are just so vibrant.I cnt believe im on ur blog for the first time since ive been seeing u on oda blogs.anyway my name is cheechee and I like ur blog.

    1. Ikr the palette looks adorbs :).. thank you for liking my blog, I do love ur blog too and I've been following since like forever :)

  8. ha! This your wishlist is yum! That tara palette is tha bomb digitty!


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