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Victoria Jackson Lip gloss

Hello everyone, 
I never knew about Victoria Jackson until recently, there are just soo many brands one can't keep up, the brands isn't a new one BTW.. I got these gorgeous glosses a while ago and I've been loving them. Since they opened at The Mines I never bothered going in there, until few months ago when they were having a sale (how I love sale).

The only stuffs I came out with were these glosses, ohh they do have nice things but my wallet wasn't friendly at the time(you know what I mean)... and I only got the glosses by chance because I was already leaving and the sales lady called my attention to "check out our lip glosses only RM8" ahhhh! seriously...and... you know the rest of the story....

These glosses are small and portable I love how it fit in my hand, which means they are portable. They are both super pigmented and can be worn alone, they last for a couple of hours (3-4). Another thing I love is the applicator it's thin and soft just like a lip brush, this makes application precise and helps lip color blend well. 

They are not sticky (gosh I hate sticky glosses), the applicator makes product application easy and a little goes a long way, they fade evenly and the finish seems opaque enough for me. 

In the swatches below I swatched both heavily, but when I actually want to wear I clean off the product from the applicator leaving a little and the go over my lips, this way it doesn't come out messy and too glossy. They didn't come with names or numbers so I called them like I see them.

The Nude is a nude beige shade, it has this mint scent but you can only feel it when applying it fades away after application. This shade is gorgeous on it's on and also good over lipsticks. 

The Red is a gorgeous bright red shade (it isn't so bright), gosh I love this one, it has this lovely scent I can't describe but I love it, most times I wear this alone, it's more pigmented than the nude and it last longer. It's perfect for everyday look and this would look good for almost all skin tones.
All in all these glosses are amazing, good quality and YES if you do find them they are recommended. I got this from Victoria Jackson at The Mines but they are no longer available. 

Have you tried any Victoria Jackson's product before? Have a lovely day! 

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