Lady Wannabe Blog: Deep Cleansing Facial Brush

Deep Cleansing Facial Brush

Hello everyone,

I got this cleansing brush from eBay while I was contemplating on getting the Olay Regenerist Advanced Cleansing System which I'll write a review on later.. I actually got the package very late so I have both now, I didn't use this brush until I went to spend some time with my friend and I saw how good it was yuh!! 

I use this brush mostly at night with facial cleanser after getting my make up off and even though I use makeup remover/wipe there will still be lots dirts on the brush, I also tried washing my face with my hands and then used the brush afterwards..still there were dirts on the brush not much though..I always double cleanse. 

The bristles are not as soft as the Olay system but it is soft enough, so while using this you might try not to pressed too hard on the face.

How To Use
Apply cleanser onto wet face 
Wet brush and scrub face using circular motions
Rinse your face and go over the steps if necessary 

In a nutshell I think this brush is a great buy if you can't afford the expensive cleansing system yet, it is also portable, can go anywhere no batteries.. The good things about this cleansing brush is that it's affordable, it's cleanses well, leaves skin smooth and fresh although my face feels a little dry after use. You may not like it if you have sensitive skin, but you don't have to press too hard. 

I have not had any negative skin reactions, it is recommended if you need something that cleanses well and is affordable. I've also similar on The Body Shop's website. here--here 

Have you tried any deep cleansing brush before? Have a fabulous day!

You can get this on eBay--RM4-5--link
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  1. my fear is that it might be a little hard on the skin, lets know how it feels , thanks for sharing


  2. Cute! I had something like that before but the bristles were so hard I had to stop using it. Maybe I'll try to get this one.

  3. ive never tried that before. but i did try using toothbrush before and it was nice :)
    so for those who can't find a brush like that, try toothbrushes :)

  4. Never tried a brush like that however i am saving up for a Clarasonic. Maybe I'll give this brush a go before I get the Clarasonic!


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