Lady Wannabe Blog: Recipe; Minced Beef Sauce

Recipe; Minced Beef Sauce

Hello everyone, 

Like I told you in my previous post I've been very busy, but a girl's gotta eat right? Minced beef has somehow won my heart, honestly it just spices up your meal in seconds. I add it to most meals.. I just discovered a new simple recipe out of my laziness better than how I've been doing it. 

What you'll need
Minced beef
Maggi, salt, curry
Carrot(optional..didn't use it) 

Heat a little amount of oil, when it's hot enough add the chopped onions...add the minced beef and stir until set.
Add maggi, salt, curry and stir.. let it fry for few minutes.... Now add the chopped tomatoes and pepper.
Stir the mixture and cover till set, when you are satisfied.... add the cabbage and carrot.. leave for few seconds and you are done...

How easy was that.. I normally serve with spaghetti or potatoes but today I go with rice..

PS.. I love to chop my tomatoes large because I like to see it in my meal and this also why I fry the minced beef first. 

Hope you try this and have a fabulous day and weekend ahead! 
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  1. This looks super delicious! Might try it out myself one day.

  2. you a good cook. i will try this. Can i use liver instead of beef?

  3. ohhhhhhh yummy! and quite simple to do too....

  4. Nice recipe; I love the presentation.

  5. Looks delicious. I would definately give it a try.nice.

    I nominated you for the gratitude challenge..plese check it out

  6. This looks good, you are quite innovative. i am now feeling hungry oh my gawd you have unleashed the dragon, ( i am at work). I am totally down for anything that can be eaten with rice hehe.

  7. Mmmm...looks yummy and tasty! I love easy recipe. Thanks for sharing lady. :)

  8. Looks delicious. When I decide to actually use my kitchen, I'm going to try this !

    x TFLA: x

  9. This looks very yummy, and thanks for posting the recipe x

  10. Very easy, will definitely try this... Thanks for sharing.

  11. looks yummy


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