Lady Wannabe Blog: 5 Tips To Help You Get Ready Faster When You Oversleep

5 Tips To Help You Get Ready Faster When You Oversleep

Hello everyone,
Have you ever turned your alarm off at 6am and closed your eyes for just a second... and the time says 8am? Gosh so annoying and it gets worse when you have an appointment to catch.. Don't worry I have a few tips to get you out of the house in no time...
Shower at night, Ok I know some of you will be like of course, but sometimes I do fall asleep in my towel or sometimes I just procrastinate and sleep off... The point is try to have a long shower or a good shower at night, so in case you wake up late your shower will be quick and breezy.. Helps save some time too don't you think? or you might just skip the bath time in the morning ya! splash some water on your face and do some quick clean up.. you are good to go..Don't forget to brush.

Keeping your essentials where you can find them, by essentials I mean keys, ATM cards, bus cards/passes etc.. these are the worst things to look for in the morning or when you are late/in a hurry.. you just can't leave the house without them... Best places are on your table, bedside table, in vase.. a place you can think of quickly. 

Keep some snacks in your bag, oh yea we all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but you have only 5 minutes to catch the bus, I don't think making an omelette is possible, just try to keep some snacks in your bag.. snacks like biscuits, cakes, chocolate and maybe drinks like ribena... When you get the chance feed your tummy. (Yoruba people say Okun inu lafin gbe tita!)

Organize your closet, keep your closet organized to avoid the morning rush or the I don't have what to wear saga... When your closet is organized it will be faster and easier to dress up or you can just pick your outfit the night before the easier the better. 

Oh honey.. Don't forget your makeup purse, have you ever forgotten to apply lipstick? or mascara? oh and those are even forgivable, the worst is not setting your foundation with powder and you are miss OILY skin.. ok you know the rest of the story... If you have your makeup bag in your bag you might even skip some makeup steps and apply later.. Saves more time now?! 

Do you have other tips to share? Please do! Have a fabulous day and weekend ahead! :)

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  1. Nice one... Mornings like dat when I wake up late, I just go makeup free... but I'll be sure to remember these tips from now

  2. do not wanna see me when I am rushing out!! time I think I almost went out with my shower cap.....phew!...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  3. Great tips! No matter how late I am...I never leavehome without applying some sort of makeup. Lol!

    Keisha xo

  4. I love all the tips. The makeup bag is a must.

  5. At times i sleep off with my towel when am tired..... Guilty of "i don't know what to wear saga",lastly cant go out without doing by brows.

  6. Rushing is never a good thing. One time I got to the gate before someone asked me if I planned on wearing slippers out.
    On days like this I just go makeup free

  7. The snack is so important lolol foody

  8. Great post! Love all the helpful!

    Sam x

  9. that makeup bag is a must cuz honneey the last thing i wanna do is appear at work without eyebrows

  10. ugh you dont know how many times i have missed class, lool i willl try your tips

  11. Turn Up Turn Up.. I finally traced ya Blog Olufunmi oh. (in Style Plus's voice).. I had been trying to come here for llooonnnggg ehn, but my Time Management Techniques are rabbish, i dont just know how to manage my time sha :(..

    So Ugo mentioned you on her Blog, and bam we are here. :) Mehn that stuff is annoying, i wake up by 3:47Am everyday, but there have been times i just hoped to snooze the alarm for 5 minutes and bam its 6 am, and we have to enter the Husein Bolt speed of light mode, which starts from entering the Bathroom, and vacating it under 30 Seconds **Whispers I hate water, so that I like this part :) The hardest thing ehn is I always end up looking for my Black Pair of socks. The white ones is good but Black.. Naaahh... hehehe Thanks for sharing this Bubba, i likey. Its an enlightening read, and I sure took notes. Apart from Tip 1 oh, i hate bathing 2 times a day :) Cheers.

    1. hehe! waking up early is one of the hardest things for me, u'r not alone :)

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. i really like this:) i find myself having to rush in the mornings when i am late and miss breakfast:(


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