Lady Wannabe Blog: I Really Tried To Love Them...

I Really Tried To Love Them...

Hello everyone, 

I hardly regret buying things seriously because I always find ways to use them probably for something else or another way, but for these products I just can't figure them out... I can't I just can't...

These are the products I kinda regretted buying or maybe I'll say they disappointed me?

1 & 3 Avon Clearskin Blemish Rescue Instant cure & Spot Corrector, I bought this duo to solve my problem ohh and they added more-that doesn't sound right?- the first night I used this duo, I woke up the next morning with x2 acne--well I thought it was just me then I stopped and revisited after few weeks and this time I woke up with those under the skin Acne-- I'm not exactly sure what caused this because I read nice reviews about them-- anyway it did not just work it also added salt to my injury.

2. The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, I already wrote a review on this, I'm not sure if my eyes are just super sensitive or this makeup remover isn't just for me.. I mean this is called GENTLE.. and it is an EYE MAKEUP remover.. why does it sting my eyes or wait how can I clean my eye makeup without this touching the eyes?? please if you know how let me know...

4. Makeup sponge from eBay, you already know I love me some eBay, not just that I love dupes and bargain buys.. I read a few nice reviews and I just went for it... my oh my!! I don't have the real one but this is hard.. harder than stone... When I try to use this to blend foundation it soaks up all, I tried using patting motion but kai!! it gave me headache.

5. Revlon Photoready Airbrush, really I love Revlon products.. at least all the ones I have, I wanted to try something new then I brought home the photoready airbrush..hmmm just hmmm, I got this since last year and I've barely touched it.. The first day I tried this it was like I came out of a glitter ball, after a couple of hours my face gets really dull like that kind -are you ok?- dull- it is quite light and gives medium coverage..

6. Avon's Outstanding Eyes Dual Ended Kohl Pencil, I've also written a review on this pencil, I just couldn't get it to work... it swatches great on my hands but won't work on the eyes both sides..

7. Ebay Flat Top Brush, Everyday Minerals is actually printed on this brush but of course it's not the real thing, OK... I actually loved this brush and I was going to write a review and recommend it, it is soft, dense and no doubt does a great job in blending foundation but after 3 months the whole bristle just pulled out ---honestly this never shed a day before... well that was the end..

8. Sonya Creme to powder foundation, I got this foundation the last time I went home and honestly when I tested it it was ok I mean really ok or so I thought.. But afterwards when I apply it looks white like seriously white, the funny thing is in the pan it's so dark.. It is also so hard to blend I've tried apply with puff, brush and fingers.... I just can't with this...

Let me know if you have any disappointing products too plus if you've tried any of these items let me know how you use them... Have a fabulous day and weekend!

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  1. aww am so sorry for you wasting your money, i know how frustrating it is. Havent tried any of these so cant really say if its just you or nah.

  2. i can relate ti it, i recently bought mac powder and it was just good on me. I looked like someone wearing clay lolol

  3. Ok, about the makeup sponge, did you try soaking it with water before use? Soak it with water and squeeze out the excess just before using it to apply your foundation.
    The water makes it softer, and prevents it from absorbing too much of your foundation.

    But if you have already tried that, then I can't help you again ooo! Lool!

    1. I dn soak am for water taya.... I'll just try d real thing and see for myself lol. :)

  4. Ohh The Body Shop's Eye Makeup Remover does not sound good at all~ ^ ^
    I do not think I have read any reviews about it which were positive! ^ - ^


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