Lady Wannabe Blog: Trying Something New {Skincare Routine }

Trying Something New {Skincare Routine }

Hello everyone,
I've mentioned my breakout in one or two posts or maybe not... So anyway for a few months now I've been battling with some break outs I think this is due to the fact that I've been a bit stressed out.... From the post title you'll think I'm talking about new skincare products right? No! well maybe a few! I just discovered a new skincare routine which is working perfectly well for me.

I first heard about cleansing the face with water only once a day from one of Shirley's video.. but I just didn't pay attention to that, because seriously I felt like WHAT??? Why won't I wash my face huh? I have oily skin blah blah.... but then just a couple of weeks ago I was watching Jackie's video and she mentioned it and I was like errmm let me try this-after all if it doesn't work i can stop- and that was how I dived into this.... and wait... what?? it's working out well...

Honestly since I had to wash my face just once a day, morning is the perfect time to pick because I don't know how it will feel like not washing off after so much makeup.... So here is my morning skincare routine...
I use a refreshing wipes(you can use any kind of wipes really) to clean my eye area (sometimes I use a damp towel) and entire face.

The first step to all skincare as always is cleansing, I apply a little amount of Cetaphil Daily Cleanser on my face (I always apply in circular motion) I ensure to apply this all over the face afterwards I take it off with a cotton pad... I love to double cleanse so I repeat this step. This cleanser I believe is the key ingredient that turned my skin around.

Next is a toner, a toner is always used after cleansing to help restore skin's pH balance and take out any more dirts, currently I'm using L'Oreal Paris Hydrafresh Toner, which helps control oil and leaves the skin mattified, always use patting motion to apply your toner.

After applying toner I love to refresh my skin with Elianto Ex Moist Brightening Face Mist, I love how this mist makes my skin awake no jokes... I spray three times from different angles and then pat into my skin with my fingers, this takes a little while to absorb so while waiting I do other things.

While waiting for my Face mist to absorb I apply my eye cream, I'm currently using Himalaya Under Eye Cream, this doesn't really do much for my dark circles but does keeps my under eye less dry and moist.

Just like any other skincare routine... Next step when the face mist is well absorbed is a moisturizer, a new moisturizer I'm trying out is Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Day / Night Moisturiser, I really don't have much to say about this moisturiser because I just started using it(might write a review after few weeks/months)... but it is oil free and contains SPF 15.

....And finally something for the lips yup.. a lip balm/moisturizer, one of my favorite lip balms is Vaseline lip essence.

After just three days I started this routine I noticed my acne reduced(this is probably the Cetaphil working).. in other words this routine suits my skin, I've been doing this for a couple of weeks, no further breakouts.. I might try switching products, if I do I'll surely let you know..

There is my current morning skincare routine, just basic and simple... how is your routine like? Any fave products? I'll love to know! Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. I've been paying close attention to skincare lately particularly korean skincare, stocking up on products as well, can't wait to create my regimen and stick to a routine. Great post! i've read nice reviews about cetaphil..

    1. I have my eyes on some Korean skincare products too... heard how great they are! hope to see ur regimen post soon :)

  2. Cetaphil daily cleanser is a great product. Also try washing your face mornings and evenings before you go to bed. It will help with break outs.

    1. Used to wash my face am & pm.. but I recently discovered washing once a day helps my skin better.. less break outs.. :)

  3. Ha....Olufunmi, thank you for this post.... the break outs i have had in the last couple of months is something else..... will try this routine ASAP n let u knw how it goes.....


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