Lady Wannabe Blog: Revisiting - Zoeva Basic Brush Set

Revisiting - Zoeva Basic Brush Set

Hello everyone, 
I already wrote a review on the  Zoeva Basic Brush Set here, I have never done any post such as revisiting or how it worked out blah blah.. I think I'd start now.. you know re-write reviews on how a product turned out after a period of time... Anyway from my first review it was obvious I loved the brush set but now it's love and hate.. maybe not so much hate but a little disappointment yes! some of the brushes are.... not quite as good... 

There is no need to go on and on each brushes... I'll just talk about the best and least..
The eye brushes are quite disappointing, I'm not sure if that is how it should be but jeez! it's like they are all sleeping.. the eye blender brush and crease brush are the worst.. they are suppose to be fluffy at least but the bristle just stick to each other like they are wet (I really can't describe this) plus the crease brush has been shedding like crazy(you can see that from the photo). The eye blender brush is more like pencil brush now as it doesn't even move(does a good job as pencil brush tho)
Now.. just last week the powder brush divorced it's handle... I really don't have any problem with the powder brush.. in fact I love it.. nothing uhu glue can't solve
Now on to my favorites.... the blush, duo cream shader, lash/brow and lip brush... I really don't want to write an epistle on each but they do great job individually. 

Ok soo as for Zoeva as a brand I love!! I have some other products from them which are amazing! The only problem with this set are the eye brushes they don't seem to perform well in my opinion.. All the eye brushes are made from pony hair I don't know if that counts... BTW I've been using them for close to 9 months now.. I can tell you the other brushes are great and still performing well. 

Have you tried these brushes or any Zoeva products before? Let me know your favorite brushes I'll love to check them out as well

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  1. How do I get zoeva products in Nigeria? :(

  2. if you have been using it for 9months then i really worth try.

  3. I haven't try any of these, but I don't know if it is just me, but I seem to like certain brush from certain packs. Like I have two pack so far, and some brush I like from one pack, and on another pack I like certain brush from there. I can see why they sell individual brush now.


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