Lady Wannabe Blog: If I Could Go Back In Time

If I Could Go Back In Time

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great? Well I am... I guess

Looking back at my life life now.. well I do that almost all the time especially when plans just refuse to work out. I keep wondering why this or that keeps happening to me, why can't I just have a normal life.. you know stress free, waking up every morning on different islands not giving a care in the world(I'm not sure that's a normal life.. just fantasies).. Well it would be nice at least.

When life keeps giving me a thousand lemons I'm trying to make a cold room filled with lemonade, but sometimes I just keep wondering what if I had done this instead of that... what if I haven't done this.. would my life be better now? would I be in a better place? 

I was listening to one of Joel Osteen's messages, where he was talking about God's plans for us and then he said God is aware of everything we do.. our mistakes.. He wouldn't allow us make mistakes if He doesn't have a better plan for us.. 

Would I want to change a thing in my past? I doubt that, if things are suppose to work out for my good they would have, if they didn't they aren't mine.. As easy as this may sound it is actually difficult to accept but being grateful for the present will keep the mind off the past. Somethings are totally out of our control but truthfully we could never go back and correct our pasts so for now I've decided to enjoy life and watch better things unfold and I think you should too!

Have a fabulous day! much love!

You may be up against a big challenge today, but that means you have a big destiny. The size of your problem is an indication of the size of your future--- Joel Osteen 

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  1. Preach it sister... Nice way to start the month
    Happy new month

  2. Making mistakes is okay, not learning from them is not. Everything that I have done in the past has led me to where I am right now. No regrets. Happy October!

  3. Most times it's difficult to give thank for the wrong things that happen in my life but Ernie reminded me that there is no mistake wit God so nothing is a coincidence, now accepting that truth takes time but i'm getting there.
    Thanks for sharing this rich post

  4. We prone to make mistakes in life, like the part where u mentioned God wont allow us make mistakes if he doesn't have better plans for us.For me i just sit back learn and say to myself everything will be fine regardless of the mistakes or plans that refuse to work out.Great post and thanks for sharing

  5. we live and learn. God allows us to make certain mistakes so we know better in the future

  6. Great post! Totally agree with you. God knows best. :-)


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