Lady Wannabe Blog: Four Shades Of Berries {Lipsticks}

Four Shades Of Berries {Lipsticks}

Hello everyone, 

Well you know I'm a pink girl lol, but I'm trying to get outta my comfort zone.. trying something new and daring(life's too short ya?!) so with fall here and the whole dark/berry/vamp lips trend I feel it's a better time to go bold you know blah blah....

Anyway I racked my stash and found these four berry lipsticks (I'm surprised I even have up to four haha!).. They don't look as bad or as scary as I was expecting. The best tip for pulling off this kind of lipsticks is using a liner, I find it useful. 
Top: L-Revlon Raisin Rage R Island Beauty Black Velvet
Bottom: Avon Utltra color rich Pretty, Avon cherry berry
huhu! see how blush-ified I look?

Please let me know what your favorite fall/dark/vamp lipsticks are I'll love to check them out... Hope you had a lovely weekend BTW?? Do have a fabulous day!  
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  1. **covers face** You look so beautiful as usual...I should really learn to this mehn...

    Tibs Tells Tales

  2. Vry nice. I'll like to knw ur body cream.

    1. Hi, I use Nivea's Skin Therapy body serum :)

  3. love the bottom look suits you

  4. The second on the top is my favourite, I love red lipsticks.

    Princess Audu

  5. Bottom left.... I love red lipsticks

  6. Thanks funmi. Do u knw why i asked? Becus dat cream looks gud on u. I realy admire ur skin.

  7. Love these colours especially the first one! Really suites your skin tone :) xoxo

    ♡Kudzai || NEWKIDBLOGS

  8. Mehn!!! All I see is red. Lol. Yeah, make up is rocket science for me bit I'm trying. Next year I go bold!!! Red, berry, pink, eyeshadow, foundation, the whole nine yards


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