Lady Wannabe Blog: TV Series I'm Currently Watching!

TV Series I'm Currently Watching!

Hello everyone,

It's been a while I shared anything TV/Movies related... Uhmmmm but I've been watching.. Honestly thanks for the lovely movies and all that jeez!! some days are just so not it at all. Most TV series were on break--some are still on break-- it's a great thing they are all premiering almost same time.. gives me something to look forward to at the end of the day/week...

So here we go...

Grimm, I was searching for series similar to Game of Thrones I think when I found this.. oh my! it has been love ever since... Season 4 just began on Friday and arrghhh!!! I can't wait for this Friday to come... Hope Nick gets his power back, I can't imagine more than 3 episodes without his power. 

Modern Family, haha! who doesn't like this? showing every Wednesday, this is my mid week dose, it all laugh, especially with the Dunphys and not forgetting the ever dramatic Cameron... I can't wait for Joe Pritchett to start talking really.. hope he adds more fun to it all... 

The Good Wife, I've been watching this since 2012-how time flies- it has always been suspense filled, well last season was more than suspense when Will died-it was more of a shock- funny thing is it's season 6 episode 6 now and I've not noticed he's gone... Well the that's good directing. 

The Walking Dead... What?? With the way season 4 ended, my heart was racing when I started S05E01 haha! my heart raced faster when that baboon (sorry language) was about to hit Glenn--I kept wondering how they'll escape.. Well thank God for Carol -didn't see that coming- Since every episode is just something new, I really don't want to guess what's up next!! haha!

New Girl, honestly every single episode is fun and laugh all the way, I really wish Schmidt and Cece get back together.. and ohhh Gosh Nick I just can't with him.. he just knows how to make me laugh..

Once Upon A Time, I loved season 1-3.. but honestly this is S04E05 and I still don't get it... whewwww... well I'll keep watching... I really loved the snow white and evil queen drama it's ice queen... and uhmmm well let's keep watching... 

ooohhkk... Anyone watching any of these?? If you are not---you should check them out, you'll definitely love them.... What series do you recommend? I'll love to check them out :)

Have a lovely day and weekend ahead!!! 

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  1. I have been hooked on The Walk Dead series. That is my show!!!! Right now I'm playing catch up with American Horror Stories.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

    1. everybody likes the walking dead unless they are aliens lol..hmmmm I'll chck out American horror stories :)

  2. I was watching The Good Wife n Once Upon a time but I got bored n stopped

    1. wait what?? got bored ke? well u need to get back to the good wife trust me!! as for once upon a time I'm slowly getting bored myself *no jokes :/

  3. I haven't heard of any of the others probably because i live in england and these are american but i do love watching new girl!

  4. It's great watching a great tv series! I haven't watched the walking dead but I really want to!

  5. I've been a huge Once Upon a Time fan from the beginning (im a crazy disney person though so that was going to be a given) but this season is odd, I'm not crazy about the Snow Queen storyline and don't think that the Regina/Marianne storyline is getting enough time.

  6. I watch 3 of these shows Grimm, The Good Wife and The Walking Dead! Love them all. Thanks for stopping by my blog. See you again soon!

  7. i love the walking dead!! and yay for modern family.. i want to start american horror story for this season too! :D

    Animated Confessions

  8. I love Modern Family and the walking dead!

    Skin and Roses

  9. I'm watching Grimm, Modern family and walking dead. Great shows.

  10. Once Upon A Time is so good! I am considering trying to start Modern Family on Netflicks, but I am so far behind....
    The Doctor Diva

  11. I am currently watching Modern Family but I love crime series so I watch all the NCISs, law and order etc. I am also loving Scandal and how to get away with murder
    Es x x


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