Lady Wannabe Blog: Lip Polish by Color Sensational - Glam 6 & Pop 8

Lip Polish by Color Sensational - Glam 6 & Pop 8

Hello everyone, 
Dear Maybelline, thank you for creating the lazy girl lip color, yes Lip polish is a 3 in 1 lip color -combination of lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick- how cool is that? One to answer all! To be honest I never wanted to get these because I thought they were regular lip glosses -tired of different shades of lip gloss looking same on the lips- 

Look how gorgeous these little babies are! I love how sleek and tiny they are, the packaging is quite attractive and classy. The two shades I picked up are Glam 6 & Pop 8 which are both berry shades with no shimmer- I'm trying to add up some berry glamour- 
I love how the applicator is, yes super cute and soft but it also makes application super easy without messing up the whole application. As for pigmentation one swipe is enough for the entire lips yes! they are both pigmented -I do have pigmented lips- but then application will depend on how you like it. The texture is thick but not sticky at all, it goes on so smooth on the lips like butter, maybe that's why it's called lip polish haha! but in some part of the world it is Color Elixir. It doesn't have any scent to it which I kinda like. 
Glam 6 is the most pigmented, it is a deeper berry than pop 8, it leaves a stain even after wiping off, I blot this sometimes to give a stained lips look. 
Pop 8 is also a berry shade but lighter it kinda has a little red to it, unlike glam 6 it doesn't leave that much stains behind. 

Overall I love the two shades I got, they are moisturizing and feels comfortable on the lips without emphasizing the fine lines, you don't need to apply a lip balm before application, staying power is around 3-4 hours or more. I wish there were matte shades tho. I'm not sure if the lighter shades are as pigmented but these lippies are worth trying! 

Have you tried any of the Lip Polish/Color Elixir lip colors? Have a fabulous day and week ahead! 

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  1. Wow, perfect lips for presenting a lipstick!
    Love the first color!!!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful


  3. this is very cool to get all in one
    stay in touch

  4. Looks nice on you! I dont like lip glosses but the way this looks on you I may just get one-lol#ify

  5. Glam 6 is sooo stunning! I've yet to pick up any of these but I'm super keen on getting a plum/purple shade and a brown nude!

    1. Ikr... glam 6 is my fave.. be sure to add it to the ones you get :D

  6. Okay now I gotta have this...It looks really nice on you...


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