Lady Wannabe Blog: Volum' Express the Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

Volum' Express the Falsies Big Eyes Mascara

Hello everyone, 

The only mascaras I've tried from Maybelline are the Volum' Express the Falsies and Lashionista which I loved, when the Falsies Big Eyes came out I knew I wanted to try it especially because of the bottom lash mascara seems pretty cool to me. I would say when it comes to mascaras Maybelline does a really good job- well it's not just me that feels that way, their mascaras are well hyped and loved. 

the Falsies Big Eyes comes with two ends, one for upper lashes and the other for lower lashes, the upper lash brush is big and in a twisted form while the lower lash brush is quite smaller and thin. It is not in that liquid-y form, it dries pretty fast and it is dark enough(I mean for a black mascara). 
Even though this is clearly a voluminizing mascara I was expecting a little bit of length like the falsies but it added little or no length at all but it does extends the lower lashes (but no volume). As for volume it adds a moderate amount to the lashes. It is light weight -doesn't feel heavy at all- it's super easy to remove and doesn't clump on me. 

I wouldn't be repurchasing this mascara anyways, WHY? I really wish it added a little length so I don't have to use two mascaras, but the bottom lash brush is a winner for me. 
Yes you can give this a try if you want volume and the lower lash mascara thingy is pretty cool! Have you tried the Volum' Express the Falsies Big Eyes Mascara or any mascaras from Maybelline before? Let me know you favorite mascaras.. I'll love to check them out! 

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  1. I love mascara and the bottom lashes are a huge concern, because I always want to play them up and make them darker. I may definitely give these a try. I like the mascaras for NYX!

  2. love this mascara, and it does good work.
    your blog is really inspiring, looking forward to see more


  3. Wow! I"ll have to get this#Ify

  4. I love your sincerity in all your reviews. Nice one.

  5. wow looks great I have been using the same kind of Myabelline mascara for years I have to try new ones :)


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