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Avon Matte Fuchsia

Hello everyone, 
I love Avon ultra color lipsticks ranges-ok but there are just so many of them- I can't keep up with the names, I love how they feel on the lips, how they apply and they are true to color. This is their first matte lipstick if I'm not mistaken, since I loved the other formulas, I was eager to try the matte collection.

Avon Ultra Color Matte comes in a standard black packaging, the inner part is matte which looks kinda classy, the smell is like the other Ultra Color lipsticks. The first thing I noticed about it was the pigmentation one swipe and I was like what?!, I also love how it applied, creamy and smooth.

It does not look matte after application but after few minutes you'll definitely see a change, like I mentioned it applies smoothly but I don't like how this feels on the lips- it feels like I have something on my lips that I have to take off kinda heavy(but not as heavy as it sounds)... It also feels powdery. Staying power is good without meal it stays for hours, with meal it lasts up 4-5 hours and doesn't transfer crazily. As for color payoff that's an A+ but it does dry out the lips a little so exfoliating and moisturizing prior to application will be helpful.

photo taken with my phone!

I'm not totally in love with this lipstick, the only things I love are the packaging, color payoff, staying power and how it applies. I don't like feeling like I have something on my lips makes me feel a little uncomfortable. 

You may like this if you don't have dry lips but personally I won't be trying more shades from this collection. 

Have you tried any of the Avon Ultra Color Matte lipsticks? Let me know your thoughts! Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Reminds me of MAC flat out fabulous. I hate any lipstick or foundation that's heavy

    1. haven't tried flat out fabulous but it's on my wishlist :)

  2. I've had this lipstick for months, i totally agree with you that it feels powdery that's why i mix it with my mac lipsticks especially or few other lipsticks, i noticed that it feels and lasts longer when mixed with other lipsticks, i rarely use it alone except when i won't be wearing it for long. You can check out this post where i wore it alone.


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