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Cyber Colors Auto Eyebrow Pen

Hello everyone, 
I'm trying to expand and branch out on my brow options, I really don't have something I can call holy grail but I'm enjoying trying new things, styles and techniques. I got the Cyber Colors Auto Eyebrow Pen in Brown few weeks ago. 

Cyber Colors is a Korean makeup brand only available here at Sa Sa, the eyebrow pen is the second product I'm trying from the brand. The pen itself has two ends, one with a spoolie and the other end with the product, there are about 6 shades I believe Black, dark brown, grey, grey-brown, brown and light brown. 

The tip of the pen is flat which I found weird at first but little did I know that it really helps, it makes drawing much more easier, no harsh lines and it gives a softer look. As for the shade I choose brown it is flat brown has a little red undertone, it isn't the perfect shade for my brow but it is close--I use this for the inter part and for the tail I use a darker pencil.

This pen glide on so easily, it isn't exactly soft but it is not hard either, the added spoolie make the job easier as well as you can draw and blend/brush at the same time, it gives the brow a natural look/finish.
I love the Auto Eyebrow Pen easy to use, no sharpening needed, glides on smoothly, if you love a natural looking brow you'll love this. The only con for me is the color I picked. 
L-R before, with auto eyebrow pen, set and cleaned.

So yes if you ever comes across it grab it! Let me know your brow magic--I'll love to check them out. Have a fabulous day!

RM 21.90 at Sa Sa- online here
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  1. I could use this for a change......

  2. This looks fantastic! I haven't gotten many cyber color products but I used to love their grey eyeliner! I totally must check this out I need an eyebrow pencil!

  3. Funmi who won that GIVEAWAY? I have never seen a giveaway that the winner wont be announced...hmmm

    1. I already updated that post, so pls check. Thnks.

  4. never even heard of them, but i just might try them out.

  5. I really like the end result, very shapely but not unnatural, great post hun! x x


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