Lady Wannabe Blog: So I Tried Brow Threading....

So I Tried Brow Threading....

Hello everyone,
If you ask me what bad beauty habits I have? not caring for my brows will top the list, don't judge me I just feel super lazy, my brow routine involves using a razor but then I notice it grows back in no time. I've heard waxing and threading are painful so the lazy part of me didn't even bother.

So as luck would have it I ran into my Iranian friend who knows how to thread and I was like WT heck I'll give that a try--and guess what it wasn't as painful as people say it is-- well.. maybe a little, but I have to admit my face changed immediately.. now I have a sleek brow lol... She did tried to make them look like relatives--they just can't be identical twins---find before and after picture below
filled in... 
Before, After threading, filled in.
Now I think I've found a way to get past my brow bad habit, I hear it lasts longer than using a razor--let's see..
Moral of the story, if you're considering threading I'll say go for it and save your save every 3 days shaving.

Tried threading? How do you keep your brows in shape? I'll love to know! Have a fabulous day and happy holidays!

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  1. Have tried threading once but I never got it right so am happy using my tweezers its way simple&easier!

    1. Did u do urself? ya tweezers are good too, but then I just hate to do anything lol

  2. yeah your right about threading it's really a better option to shaving:)
    i love your results
    The Beautiful Eagle

  3. I am a razor person ooo. i will try this

  4. I am a lazy person when it comes to brow issues... My mom calls my brows George Bush before scolding me...... I'll try to get used to the razor first sha before the threading....
    Merry Christmas Blog Mother

  5. I have tried threading before and I think I prefer it to anything else but I don't know how to do it and its a bit of a hassle always going to the salon to get it done so I just stick with my tweezers. I love your results, your eyebrows look much natural when filled in.

  6. I love love love threading! I get my eyebrows shaped once every 3 week. However, I would say it's a hit or miss with other people. I will also do a blog post on it to see before and after.

    1. yes it is, i'm lucky it was ok the first time, hope i'm lucky next time as well lol! :) will love to see ur post

  7. Oh you brave girl. My sister told me it's painful so I didn't try it. The end result is beautiful though.

  8. Its super painful o, i gave up after my last thread (not just because its painful) and decided not to touch my brows anymore for now, i'm really trying to groom them so i don't really have tips.x

  9. Please what is the different btw thread and shave+what instrument do they use for thread.
    Please educate me more.i love my brow being properly shaven.

    1. For threading u use normal sewing thread (I really can't explain how it's done cos I don't know how to) but to shave u use brow razor or normal razor--the main difference is d time it takes for the brow to grow back.


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