Lady Wannabe Blog: What's In My Sling Bag

What's In My Sling Bag

Hello beauties! 

Hope you are all doing ok?! well I am-- a little-- it's been a really stressful week but eh! Thank God I pulled through! I know you must have seen the what's in my bag or what's in my purse post or videos--which I must confess I love haha! weird I love to see what other people carry in their bags-- Anyways I hardly carry a handbag, I'm always with a sling bag yea! I know you'll think I'm on the run or something-- I decided to share what I carry along almost everyday.
As someone with seasonal dry hands a hand cream is something I can't do without, so everywhere I go I make sure I carry one along and right now I'm loving this Nivea Q10 plus hand cream, it gives my hands instant softness no jokes! Just like taking care of my hands I always love to refresh my face during the day that why I carry a mini facial spray around here I have Evian facial spray to keep my face alive all day, for a fresh and fruity smell I always trust my Avon little red dress purse concentrate, this little lady smells like roses and heaven eh ermmm, another thing I don't leave behind is something for the lips- I always carry glosses around, I hardly reapply lipstick so I don't bother just a gloss to match whatever color I have on my lips for the day, here I have Revlon lipgloss in Supernatural, Silkygirl lipgloss in soft pink and Lipice miss tiara gloss in sugar pink.

I also love to carry a jotter around and of course a pen to write with! wait I'm not a geek, just a jotter lover (bleh!), tissues are essentials for me not just to clean up, but to blot out makeup, yea! I always forget to carry a blotting paper and a facial tissue always comes in handy. Other stuffs you'll find in my sling bag are keys, cash and cards (all kinds) I normally hate to carry a wallet so I just keep these in the little space inside the bag. Some other things that are not pictured are hand sanitizer, earpiece and duh mon téléphone

So here are the things I always carry around, do you carry similar stuffs? Let me snoop into your bag-share your contents I'll love to know! Have a fabulous day and weekend ahead! 

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  1. These are definitely must haves to carry along

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. I see you've got lots of lip products there! I personally make up wise will carry only what I'm using that day on my lips and always...ALWAYS a pressed powder for touching up/checking my face. Otherwise I will also have packets of tissue, clear lip balm, an umbrella, my bus card, wallet and maybe one or two extra items that change depending on where I go!

  3. loved ur bag
    and like you I also carry lots of makeup products with me like lipstick powder etc
    have a great day

  4. The only things in my bag are; my phones, a charger, a earpiece, a lipstick for touch up, my writing pad n a pen, and a novel

  5. phoes, notepad, chargers, cards (complimentary & atms), token, pocket tissue, lip gloss and eye pencils, pens and earphones..basic stuff really


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