Lady Wannabe Blog: YouTubers You Should Follow If....

YouTubers You Should Follow If....

Hello everyone,
YouTube is a place you can probably learn almost anything, it just like Google for those who can't read (yeah I said it) haha! It kinda my second home when I'm less busy I'm over there learning new tips and tricks, discovering new channels---- Since I follow quite a lot of channels it's hard to pick favorites but there are some for unique things... So here are the YouTubers to follow if...

1. You want to learn new and exciting makeup tips then you should follow gossmakeupartist, Oh my! where do I start? in my opinion he gives the best tips--well simply because they have worked and still works out for me. I'm grateful he is on YouTube and that I discovered him haha!

2. You have hooded lids, you don't know what hooded lids are? neither did I until sometime ago, here is the thing when you don't understand you eye shape it might be hard to get your eye makeup right. Stephanie Lange does tutorials that leans towards people with hooded eye and not just that she also give amazing tips and explains things clearly.. You should check out her channel.

3. You want WOC friendly tips and makeup, something about YouTube is a lot of people do videos and not all explains why they use this or that..that can be hard for beginners but Jackie (Makeup Game On Point) explains it all, plus are videos are fun to watch she gives great tips and does nice tutorials.

4. You love lifestyle & fashion then you should subscribe to Shirley's channel, she gives lovely and amazing tips, fashion tips, life tips and beauty tips. I personally love how organized she is. She also has a fashion blog. 

5. You love nail art, Ok here I have a more than one, but let keep it simple-- MissJenFABULOUSCute Polish and SaraBeautyCorner-- Ok for the easiest way to go about your nail art follow these lovelies-- trust me you'll thank me later. *big grin**

Sooo here are a few of my fave YouTubers! Let me know if you have YouTubers to follow for specific things and your faves too! I'll love to check them out! Have a fabulous day! 

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  1. Definitely checking out these youtubers!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. Beautybyjj for makeup and allthingsfabuluos101 for fashion!

  3. Definitely agree with gossmakeupartist and absolutely love Shirley! xx

  4. i definitely like many dark skinned youtubers for makeup because a lot of what works for them works for me too-beautybyjj,chanel boateng,the makeup doll,jackie and so many more..


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