Lady Wannabe Blog: The Beauty Sponge Question! Beauty Blender Or Real Techniques

The Beauty Sponge Question! Beauty Blender Or Real Techniques

Hello beauties,

Let's be honest, you must have seen enough posts about the Beauty Blender and Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, a lot of comparisons, some may ague the BB sponge is better, some may say they prefer the RT sponge instead, now I'm not here to tell you anything new, just my opinion, experience and thoughts about these two beauty sponges.

First off, I've already written a post about the RT sponge, I wanted to write a separate review on the BB sponge but thought I'd do a comparison instead. Now a little bit about the Beauty Blender before I bring them side by side, just like the RT sponge it increases in size when damp, they come in there types and color I believe Pink(original), White(pure) and Black(pro).
Beauty Blender says: Made specially for professionals and best for applying darker toned, long-wear cosmetic products, as well as self-tanners. The same exclusive beauty blender material in a pro-favored black color,  perfect for darker-toned, long-wear, bronzing and self tanning products, just like a makeup artist, pro will hide any imperfections, easy to use:wet.squeeze.bounce.

This babe right here applies and evens out foundation and concealers like a dream and soaks in less products, it is shaped like an egg, the bottom and sides I use for the face while I use the pointy end under the eyes and around the nose. I've had no problems with it, easy to use, easy to clean. Honestly with this sponge you will forget your makeup brushes-- good thing is you can use it for foundation, concealer, cream and powder products.
Now unto what brought you here, I don't want to bore you with epistles so let's go straight to the point. Let's call Beauty Blender BB and Real Techniques Sponge RT ok?! :D

What makes them same?
They both increase in size when damped.
They both apply products nicely.
Both are latex free

What makes them different? 
Texture: The BB is more softer and a bit loosely packed than the RT this actually makes squeezing out water from the RT sponge a bit hard, I use a towel to get excess water out but for the BB just one squeeze all the water is out literally.  
Product Absorption: Like mentioned above because of the different textures the RT absorbs more products than the BB  
Finish: i.e makeup finish, the BB gives more coverage than the RT sponge, ok maybe when you compare them side by side you make think they look same but because the RT takes in more products you can't get more coverage with one application in my opinion.
When damp, the RT sponge feels heavy while the BB feel more softer.

For the real question?! if the miracle sponge is a dupe for beauty blender, in my opinion it's not, the RT sponge is a lovely and good sponge but the BB gives a more flawless finish, this does not at all mean that the RT sponge is not good, it is definitely worth buying if you don't want to spend that much money on a BB. I'll actually get another RT sponge because I love it to blend in makeup after application.
So... have you tried either the Beauty Blender or the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge or any beauty sponge at all? Let me know your thoughts on beauty sponges!! Have a fabulous day! stay beautiful!

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  1. I never used such a sponge! My friend isn't satisfied with the result of it...

    xoxo Colli

    1. Ur friend hasn't tried the beauty blender maybe... the result is awesome :)

  2. Beauty blender is still all of dems oga! If e no be panadol, e no fit be like panadol!

  3. I still love the Beauty Blender although deep down I think it is ridiculously priced. In my own experience I found the RT miracle sponge slightly easier to clean than the BB but all in all as you said they are both good beauty sponges. For the price of the RT version, you can't really go wrong!!..lovely post as always!!..xx

    1. haha I know right?! I got mine on sale and even with the % off I still closed my eyes lol! but the RT sponge is still ok since it works well as well. :D

  4. I love this post. The RT sponge has never been an exact dupe for me. The BB sponge is also more durable as i've been using mine for a long time but my RT sponge started falling apart after a few months of use. The RT sponge is good and it's better than every other sponge that claims to be a BB dupe but the Beauty Blender still surpasses all of them and it's well worth the money.

    1. I'm glad I got the BB sponge cos clearly there is a difference and as for durability you're so right, after few weeks with the RT it started tearing in many places but it's still goo tho :)

  5. I have tried using this beauty blender and it does not work for me. I'm back to using my kabuki flat top brush.

  6. i recently invested in the bb sponge i haven't used it yet but nice review.x


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