Lady Wannabe Blog: Some Loves...Lately

Some Loves...Lately

Hi beauts, 
Sharing some of my faves and frequently used products, I haven't shared this kinda post in a while, most of these products are new to me but they have been good to me as well. 

Purederm Make-up Remover Tissues: I have never been a fan of makeup wipes till I tried the Biore makeup wipes which was amazing, it's been such an hassle trying to find an alternative but then I did found this, I won't say this is an alternative but it is equally good and has been getting the job done and it is on my list because it is best of the bunch I've tried lately, of course will be getting more.

I read quite a review on Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder (Translucent) and how amazing it was for setting under eye makeup, I was triggered to get one when Patrick Starr raved about it- ok! this has some kinda scent not so annoying but eh!it is not as light as Laura mercier transclucent powder but gets the job done. I also use this powder before makeup to help makeup last longer, just so you know too much of this powder can make you look ashy if you're dark skin and uhmm this doesn't cancel or correct dark circles but it's a great setting powder and good at controlling oil.

Zaron Gel Liner in Jazz is probably the only liner I'm using at the moment and I'm loving it, if you follow me on Instagram you must have seen me share this, it isn't the blackest black but it is black enough, creamy, easy to use and dries matte(what else does a girl want huh?!) it also stays on for hours but doesn't look as intense as when it was freshly applied but then eh! it;s not bad.

I know I already wrote about E.L.F Small Stipple brush, but I still had to include it cause I just can't get enough, my base finish is different with this brush I can't use any other brush for my foundation, I honestly can't for now, I'll probably get over it soon. I plan on getting 2 more haha! Ok! stop now! 

I'm not that natural hair - I'm growing my hair freak (I'll be honest I no get hair lol)VO5 Clarifying Conditioner smells amazing and very moisturizing and very affordable lol! 

Tried any of these products? Lemme know your thoughts? What are you currently loving? I'll love to check them out!! Have a beautiful day ladies!! 

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