Lady Wannabe Blog: Fashion Essentials For Harmattan

Fashion Essentials For Harmattan

The most important thing during the harmattan is to keep yourself warm, I shared some basic beauty essentials for harmattan with you, here are some basic fashion needs;

-Sweater: Like I said you need to keep warm, you'll need sweater, pullovers any thick clothing. 

-Maxi: Ok you need maxi dresses and skirts to protect your legs especially from cold and dust.

-High knee boots: Some might find this not necessary, but it is. you need your legs warm all the time and also to avoid dust.

-Jeans: Obviously you wear this all the time, wear skinny jeans with boots and sweater or button down shirt and you're good to go.

- Scarf: This helps you keep warm, wear over jackets. Also cover your hair with scarf when necessary to protect from dust.

-Leggings: Black absorbs heat, wear with sweater or long button down shirt.

-Flat shoes: Well I don't need to say why this is important. For me I'll prefer more covered flats to prevent dust all over the feet. 

Things you should know; 

--This season is not white friendly avoid white if necessary. 

--Ensure to cover your nose, use disposable nose mask if necessary.

--If you work in offices where you can't wear any of the above, blazer, jackets, panty hose and skin socks would do.

--Even though it is cold in the morning remember afternoons are hot, try to avoid black clothing or any color tat absorbs heat.  

What are your essentials for the Harmattan, do you have other items to add? Please share! 

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  1. I love the leo flat shoes!


  2. Great selection like the boots and the scarf. Welcome to join my giveaway.

  3. lovely post

  4. Brilliant selection
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  5. lovely selection.
    i love the high knee boots.

  6. I like your blog. Great picks. Following you now, hope you can follow back.

  7. I always go for the maxi and flat,good selection.

  8. I really need this in my life!!!

  9. All clothes look beautiful!
    Wonderful sweater!


  10. love the flats!
    thanks for stopping by =)


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