Lady Wannabe Blog: Nail Loving; Cow Print

Nail Loving; Cow Print

Hi everyone, been a while, hope your weekend was great and relaxing?!

Today I tried the cow print, cow print is one of the animal prints that is not so popularly trending..

Well does this even look like cow print?! it's look cloudy to me,, uhmm the intention was cow print tho! 

Things used; 
Color combos nail polishes in white and black and also top and base coat 

How To?!
--Apply your base coat as usual, then apply one or two coats of white polish
--Wipe off essence polish from your black polish brush and then draw some random shapes on your nails try to make the shapes random so they can look natural.
--Wait a few minutes apply your top coat! baam! you're done!
--You can also use different colors to create this design 

PS.. If you would like me to do a tutorial on my last nail (Chinese inspired one) do let me know! 

Which animal print have you tried before? which would you like to try? Have a fabulous day! 
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  1. Hey Olufummi!
    The nailart looks very cute... thank for visiting my blog and following... I am following you too now! Keep in touch!! <3
    Let's talk about everything

  2. you really have cute nails

  3. these are nice. i will be trying this- need to get white nail polish though.

  4. how cute


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