Lady Wannabe Blog: Makeup Brush Laundry - How Do You Do Yours?!

Makeup Brush Laundry - How Do You Do Yours?!

Hello everyone, 
When it comes to washing generally I'm not your friend in fact if you ask people who knows me they'll agree to that... I'm that kind of person that piles up her laundry until she actually has nothing to wear(please thou shall not judge) but I find that when it comes to my brushes I actually care much more... 

I can't stand my makeup brushes dirty, especially the ones with white bristles... here is the thing I have this -----(I don't know what to call it) thing with white things.. reason I hardly wear or buy white stuffs, I can't stand a single stain on them it drives me nuts--I wash my white clothing after every use lol... irrespective of how tired I am (or I'll soak them at least) OK too much WHITE information...

For my white bristle brushes I don't spot clean I wash after each use or every second use...

Well in my opinion I don't believe there is a right or wrong way to wash or clean your brushes as far as it doesn't hurt them then you're good to go... I believe everyone already knows or at least read how to clean makeup brushes...

For me here is all I need---warm water, a towel to lay them, baby shampoo and baby oil
and here is how I do my makeup brush laundry.... 1.. I pour a little baby oil on my palm(you can use a plate/bowl) and then swirl the makeup brushes one after the other. 2.. I dip the brushes in warm water, apply shampoo and then swirl (makeup sure all dirt comes out) 3.. Rinse thoroughly and remove excess water 4.. Lay them to dry (I normally lay them in a slant position with the bristles facing down) ---and that's all wait for them to dry.. that takes hours...
I don't actually have a routine, I wash when I feel it's necessary well from my lil story you can imagine how often... 

Note wash one brush after the other... you can use other kinds of oil.. don't completely deep make up brush in water (you don't want a divorced bristle and handle)... you mustn't use baby shampoo, body wash is also fine. 

How often do you wash your brushes, how do you wash them and what do you use... Please let me know I'll love to learn new techniques :) Have a fabulous day and weekend ahead!!!!! 

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  1. OMG! I was wondering if you were describing how to bath a human being until I read it all over n saw brushes...
    Olufunmi I'm sure your brushes love you for taking care of them this way

  2. I love these tips , almost the same way as i wash my make up accessories too.

  3. thanks for sharing, love the part about adding oil as it helps to dislodge the pigments in the bristles. For me i use regular dishwashing liquid very effective and quick!

    1. Ya the oil really helps, plus it makes brushes softer :) hmmm never tried dishwashing liquid...

  4. Great post! I needed to read a post like this as I've just bought some brushes. I will try this out! x

  5. The last time I wash my brush was a couple month ago. This post remind me that I need to get on it this weekend. Great post and tips!

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  6. Seems you wash everyday lolol
    i wash once in a month*coverface*

  7. I use baby shampoo too! xx


  8. This is very helpful! I think I might do the same

  9. Thank you for the tips! I should try this! Usually I'd just use my facial cleanser :D


  10. Seeing as i just discovered make up i will def be on a brush cleaning binge!!!
    Heres a sisterhood award nom if you are into it.

  11. Nice post Olufunmi. Well I wash my brushes with a solid brush soap that contains goat milk. It cleans them properly and the goat milk conditions the bristles. The conditioning is very important especially for the natural haired brushes. You can also rub your brushes with some essential oil to sanitize them before the final rinse. Sorry for the epistle :)

    1. Never tried d solid soap maybe i'lll try soon and see ... thnks for the tips :)

  12. great tips i never tried baby oil before

  13. i wash my brushes with omo detergent, olive oil and methylated spirit. they come out clean and shinning and no shedding too

  14. Now I feel bad, I've never washed any of brushes and I own the Mac Brush Cleaner. Would wash them this weekend, especially since my new post is encouraging people to stop procrastinating and start doing.


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