Lady Wannabe Blog: Color Riche Moisture Matte Lipsticks

Color Riche Moisture Matte Lipsticks

Hello everyone, 
Here is moi embracing the matte side of life, Color Riche Moisture Matte Lipsticks are richly pigmented, I've never tried any lipsticks from L'oreal and I must say I'm impressed. Described as a lipstick that delivers intense moisture while providing a velvet matte finish.

I'm in love with the packaging looks classy, also love how it's color coded so one can have an idea of the lipstick color, they are both well pigmented(ladies with pigmented lips do not have to worry, it covers up), the texture is soft & smooth and they applies well- doesn't dry out the lips but then you still need to exfoliate before you apply(Matte lipstick is still matte). They are both vibrant on the lips and they have great staying power

Raspberry Syrup, I looove this shade, it's kinda hard to describe, it is deep pink with red undertone, I'll say it a reddish pink. I read it's a dupe for MAC's All Fired Up. 

Glamour Fuchsia, is a bright fuchsia pink with purple undertone, this is also said to be a dupe for MAC's Flat Out Fabulous.
I love both lipsticks, well pigmented, great finish, staying power, easy to apply-- I HEART this, no cons for me-- My fave is Raspberry Syrup-- I recommend these two, YES you should check them out! 

Have you tried any L'oreal Color Riche Moisture Matte Lipsticks?? Which shade is your fave?! I'll love to know! Have a fabulous day!

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  1. Never tried anything from this brand but BOY am loving this lip colour and the packaging is so sexified*lol*

    1. I know ryt?! the colors r jus lovely--sexified! haha!

  2. i never tried any of these colours but still looking for good matte lipsticks, i just might try these.

  3. I love the Color Riche lipsticks, I didn't know that they have matte colors too. The shades are absolutely gorgeous! ♥

  4. These look soooo stunning! I don't own any L'oreal lipsticks! Unbelievable right? I totally love the hot pink, I recently got one from another brand thats just as neon and cool tone so my teeth look white! I love both shades on you, I however avoid matte lipsticks like a plague because my lips tend to be dry and sensitive. Thanks for the review though!

    1. haha! me too! but these are quite creamy and non drying(at least not like other mattes) :)

  5. I love the fushcia lipstick....
    So quick question Funmi, how many lipsticks do you have? *runs away*

    1. I can see you're a pink lady haha! Thanks! Not as much as you think ohh :D

  6. I was planning to give a try to loreal lipsticks
    now I think I will buy one after reading ur response


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