Lady Wannabe Blog: Every Other Morning I Use....

Every Other Morning I Use....

Hello everyone,
I shared my morning skincare routine a while ago and I did mentioned I wash my face only once a day, but sometimes my face feels a little dry and itchy (uhm not really) in the morning--feels like it yearning for food moisture, this happens mostly when the weather changes. I somehow stumbled on Hada labo moisturizing face wash and guess what it's feeding my skin well... 

Hada labo is a Japanese skincare brand(correct me if I'm wrong) and this is the very first product I'm trying from them... They are available at most pharmacies, drugstores, beauty store etc.. I've always passed them by, the Japanese writing on their products scared me away(don't get me wrong) I felt it won't suit my skin you know blah blah.... 

I've been using this every other morning, when I feel I need some moisture, the texture is thick and a little creamy it smells like fresh susu(milk) which I'm not a fan of btw! 

I use this cleanser just like every other cleanser, squeeze a bit onto palm, lather with water and massage all over face, it doesn't really lather much btw! but I love how gentle it is on the skin, it cleanse very well, leaves the skin smooth and most importantly moist, my skin also feels instantly soft after use (only for a few minutes tho). 

I love this cleanser does a good job for me, doesn't dry out my skin, good for my combination skin, didn't break me out, the only things I don't like is the smell--- I will definitely be trying out more products from Hada Labo. 
Have you tried Hada labo moisturizing face wash? What is your fave face cleanser/wash? I'll love to know! Have a fabulous day!

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  1. gr8 that u shared ur skin care routine
    very good tips indeed

  2. I see why you skin glows

  3. i love hadalabo products, my toner from last summer was by their brand, i think it was the vitamin c line, it made my skin glow, stay moisturized and still look non-greasy!

    Ore :)
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