Lady Wannabe Blog: What Is Your Perfect Eyeliner Flick Tool?!

What Is Your Perfect Eyeliner Flick Tool?!

Hello everyone,

Eye lining is something I recently became friendly with, in fact it used to scare me but then I realized it takes time, patience, practice and finding the right product(s)/ tools that works for you-- while my eyeliner has it low and down.. sometimes hits and misses-- it is still one of the fun makeup things for me....

There are various types of eyeliners out there, they come in different forms and picking one will depend on what is easier for you or what kind of eyeliner look you want to create.. here I have the gel, pencil, pen and liquid liner which I believe are the most used ones.

Gel eyeliner, this is definitely my favorite because in my opinion it is the easiest way to draw your liner, all you need is a good angled or precise liner brush and a steady hand--while gel liners are meant for lining you can also use them as eyeshadow base for a smokey effect/look. The one I've been using is Cyber Colors gel liner in 01 black which is intense enough for me and has a good staying power and the brush I mainly use is the eyeliner brush from Style master or Zoeva 317 brush.

Liquid eyeliner, this is my least favorite, I really can't get around this especially when I'm in a hurry and in all honestly I hardy reach for it. It is said to be good for creating the "perfect wing". I have the Silkygirl Precision Liquid Eyeliner in 01 black, it is quite dark and intense, doesn't smudge and lasts long.

Pencil eyeliners, let's call this the jack of all trade, you can use it for a smoked out wing, smokey look, getting close the upper lash line, waterline, lower lash line lining. In my opinion this cannot create a perfect wing but it gets a lot done. I have quite a few pencil liners but pictured above is Avon  Ultra Luxury liner which is soft, intense and easy to use.

Pen eyeliners, in a pen like form, some also call it felt tip,.. this is my second favorite to use, it was the one I started with, if you are a beginner this will definitely be perfect for you as it is easy to hold(just hold like your pen and patiently draw). It is also great for creating a perfect wing and getting close to the lash line. I'm currently loving Maybelline hypersharp laser liner, it is thin, draws a nice precise line, gets close to the lash line, the only thing not so nice is that it might take time to get a bold line.

For recommendation purpose if you are new or just getting started with eyeliners! pen and gel liners will be great to start with.

What is/are your favorite eyeliner flick tool? Plus the products your swear by! Let me know, I'll love to check them out! Happy New Year 2015 guys!!! Have a fabulous day and month ahead!!!

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  1. Yea your right Pen liners are the easiest to use,the one I use is by ZARON a nigerian to gel, my fav being wet N wild mega eyes cream liner...pencil is maybelline colossal kajal. Not a fan of liquids as they irrate my eyes

    1. I've read a lot about the WnW liner will check it out.. Liquids ain't my friend either :)

  2. The Pen eyeliner is my go to anytime. Tried using the liquid eyeliner and I ended up lining my eyeballs.

  3. My favorite one to use is liquid liners that what i used when learning to apply eyeliner and it stays on longer :)

    1. wao! that's nice, liquids never really works for me :(

  4. I strictly have been using brush tip pen eyeliners for my lid for the last 4 years. I've tried everything from k-palette to kiss me heroine to revlon and I love them all but I find the japanese brand eyeliners the best for me! I used to like using gel but I find it too much work and when it gets into the lashes it's a pain in the ass to remove!

    1. ya u'r right gel liners can be too much work at times-- I've not really tried any Japanese brand liner but I will check them out soon! :)

  5. Thnks Funmi for the bday wish.
    I wish you a happy new year

  6. i dont use eye liner at all because i feel they make me look wayyyyyyyyyyy older than my age

  7. I've never been a big fan of eyeliners because i always find it difficult to get the perfect lines or maybe i'm just not patient enough but on days i wanna try i use either pencil or pen types.

  8. its so sad that I dont apply eyeliner in my eyes
    coz my eyes are very small asian eyes
    I only prefer kazals on my lower lash lines

  9. I love a liquid liner - Loreal Superliner is a classic! Xx


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