Lady Wannabe Blog: Current Night Time Routine

Current Night Time Routine

Hello everyone, 

I shared my morning skincare routine few weeks ago, I thought it will be ok to follow with the night time routine which is my favorite routine of the day because it's the time I get to set my skin free haha!-- My night routine is simple and basic, I don't really use/have any fancy products--

First I start by taking off the eye makeup, I'm currently using ZA eye and lip makeup remover, which I'm just trying out and I'm loving it so far, it is oil based and does a really good, removes waterproof makeup as well, doesn't sting the eye. Next I use Pretti Makeup Cleansing Tissues to take off my face makeup, this makeup wipe surprised it takes off makeup pretty well-- maybe not too special but for the price I was amazed-- After this I wet my face and apply OXY blackhead clearing wash, I then cleanse with Olay cleansing system--I do this twice. Next I apply Dudu osun to cleansed face- I wait for about 5 minutes then rinse off, afterwards I scrub with Neutrogena daily blackhead scrub. When cleansing is finished I take q-tip and remove left over eye makeup.

Toning is the next thing I do, I use Aiken tea tree oil toner--I believe you are familiar with tea tree and it's goodness, tea tree is good for acne prone skin-- this toner is good but a bit drying, Bio essence tanaka serum is next, this is a whitening serum it is suppose to clear up scars and brighten the skin--it is lightweight sinks into skin pretty fast-- when the serum is properly soaked into the skin I apply Cosmoderm vitamin E cream, this cream is lightweight and a little goes a long way--but too much can make skin look oily. Now unto eyes I use Nano infinity soul out eye essence-- this is suppose to lighten dark circle, I haven't really seen a change but it softens under the eye which I love and then lastly I moisturize the lips --I have a few lip balms but pictured above is Vaseline lip essence

Yup! that's it simple and easy! What is your routine like? Any faves?! I'll love to know and probably check out a few new products!! Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I have a special kind of cleansing tissue wich I use every morning :)
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  2. These are great! Definitely need to get myself a cleansing brush

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. I try to keep products to a minimum because of my acne, but I love the roche posay moisturizer :)

  4. I have used the neutrogena one before and it was so good on my skin . I get black heads once in a while and most of facial products are from neutrogena. Nice routine.


  5. Wow. I'm honestly too lazy for this. I slack A LOT when it comes to skincare but you have inspired me. I'll try to be better. Lovely post.

  6. My night routine depends on my day activity and what makeup I uses during the day. Basically, it's just cleansing, slight exfoliation, toning, and moisturising



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