Lady Wannabe Blog: A Few Faves...

A Few Faves...

Hello beauties,
I hope you are all well, I know it's not long I shared some faves but these ones have been stealing my heart lately lol, let's call this my March 2015 favorites, there are only a few...  I really don't have much, just want to share them before they pill up haha!

Biore Perfect Cleansing Water, I love the Biore cleansing oil but I've abandoned it lately for this cleansing water, I actually got both at the same time but I just didn't use it.. Anyways! I'm loving it right now, it takes off makeup like this----- after two swipes it takes away a good amount of makeup about 90% I'll say, because when I wash with the Olay cleanser not much dirt comes off.

Still on skin care, right before moisturizer and after, I'm loving to use NatureLand Aloevera 98% Moisture Soothing Mist--such a long name-- it is quite soothing but a bit thicker than other mists so it takes some minutes to absolve . 

I tried Soap and Glory's hand food before and I wasn't impressed, it wasn't just for me so The Righteous Butter was just a random pick wasn't sure what to expect-- but yass!! it's a yes from me, I love how it melts into the skin, it's not sticky and very moisturizing, next time I'll get the bigger one. 

After trying the eBay version of the makeup sponges I decide to give the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge a try and I love it but not so much haha! I love it to even out makeup, to blend under eye concealer and apply powders. It soaks up too much products BTW so I don't use this for foundation. 

NYX Bourgeois Pig is my blush of the moment, I just love how it glides on well, well pigmented and gives a really nice pink flush to the cheeks. I've been wearing this almost everyday. lavv it! 
Have you tried any of these? What are you currently loving? Let me know I'll love to check them out! Have a beautiful day and stay gorgeous!

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  1. Hello my dear, great post as usual. I love anything from Soap&Glory, I love the smell of this butter. As a matter of fact sephora is having a sale right now on their web site for this brand.

    1. the smell is everything!! ohh I'll check it out now. Thnks :)

  2. I dont know much about makeup but i definitely want the sponge saw my friend apple her foundation with it and i love that it doesn't soak like you mentioned.x

  3. I've tried a sample of that cleansing water but I didn't find it good enough for removing my waterproof eye make up! Totally suitable for face make up but I always remove it with my rich face cleanser! I would LOVE to own some NYX blushes right now! I used to have one but I gave it away!


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