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The Daily Quad

Hello beauties, 
OK! forget the "daily" what I meant was every time I wear makeup which is not everyday but then if I have to go out 7 times a week these four will be in my routine. I think we all have one or two products we use daily, probably because we love them or can't find a good alternative for them--please tell me I'm not alone. Usually foundations, powders, blushes vary but these seem to be a constant at least for sometime now.

Sleek Face Form is the only contour palette I own ya! so you can understand that, well I'll love to try others but they are so so far away from me, I hardly use the highlighting powder and bronzer tho, but the contour powder is my go to--just to add a little dimension to the face.. The shade I have is medium. 

For a few weeks now I've been using the Mac Pro Conceal and correct palette, from the photos you can see the shade I've been using most is the burnt coral which I use to correct dark circle and spots, it is working well for me and giving good coverage but around the mouth area needs more product layering other than that.. it's my love!! If you know other correctors or palette let me know.

Elianto Saddle Brown is not a stranger on this blog, if you read/follow my post you will notice that I mention this ES a lot, it is great for the crease, it blends well and lasts pretty long and I sometimes use this as a contour powder. This is an habit it is the first thing I literally pick up when I want to do my eye makeup.

My brows has been loving Revlon Colorstay Eyebrow liner, I wrote about this in my last fave post, it isn't harsh, glides on smoothly and lasts almost all day, since my brow loves this it became an everyday staple--until I find another love--this is the brow game. If you have brow products recommendation please let me know--I'll def love to try out new stuffs. 
There you have it my kinda not so daily staple, do you have daily/regular makeup staples? Let me know in the comment section below. Have a fabulous day!

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  1. These look like such great products , haven't tried of of them


  2. I love Sleek Face Form, I use every single day as well :)
    Don't worry I get you, I have a few products that I can't stop using either haha x


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