Lady Wannabe Blog: Easiest & Quickest Way To Wash Your Beauty Sponge

Easiest & Quickest Way To Wash Your Beauty Sponge

Hello beauties,

If you use a beauty sponge, whether an original Beauty Blender, Real Techniques sponge, Sonia Kashuk sponge or whatever sponge, one thing you will know is they get really dirty and can look disgusting lol! even though we all know they apply makeup flawlessly but the aftermath is ewwww, if you have the black beauty blender you may not really see a big deal because the sponge is black but colored sponges are not forgiving at all.. 

I was perfectly ok with how I wash my RT sponge until I used a toilet soap and it locked up all the stains, yes the sponge was clean but the stains were there and that got me really furious haha! seeing the stains made me crazy lol! literally, so word of advice don't wash your sponges with toilet soaps!!! anyways let me stop ranting, during one of my random YouTube-ness I found a video by Candace Sheppard on how to clean the blender quick and easy, tried it out and ya! here I am sharing the love.

The only thing new you'll need is a makeup remover (eye or face which ever), but must be a water based makeup remover.. OK! now you'll ask why a water based remover? I think oil don't work well with sponges yes and I have prove, when I first washed my RT sponge I wash as I always wash my brushes (first dissolve with oil and then wash) I noticed it gave the sponge some weird bumps, like the first layer was going to peel, thankfully I discovered the problem on time and stopped using the oil.The makeup remover I use currently is the Biore cleansing water.

Now all you need to do is apply some makeup remover to your sponge (must not be soaking wet, a little bit is ok), squeeze out the liquid, now you'll see how much makeup comes out of the sponge (a lot), after squeezing add a little shampoo, shower gel(what ever you use, I use anyone I can reach for pictured above is The Body Shop Sakura shower gel) and wash as you normally would. Honestly you won't have to wash your sponge twice (depending on how dirty it is), you will definitely save time and products with this method. 

So go clean up those sponges with ease hehe! How do you wash/clean your sponges? Let me know if you try this method and if it works for you as well! Have a fabulous day and stay beautiful!

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  1. Yes! I too wash my make up sponges and all my make brushes with either brush cleaner, creamy shower gel or left over shampoos! There's really no need to strictly buy and use brush cleansing/soaps!


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