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NYX Powder Blush

Hello beauties,
Another blusher review, ya I know some people call it blush-- but I think blusher sounds more classier --you agree with me? I've been wanting to try NYX blushes for sometime now, of course I read positive reviews about them. Anyway here I got Bourgeois Pig and Red.

The blushes are actually really tiny or maybe the online photos make them appear bigger or again maybe I was expecting a whale, who needs big size anything cosmetics anyways?! even if I use it everyday in months it will still be there strong. So now that we've talked about the palm sized packaging because that's really all there is to say- nothing really fancy about it- the packaging I mean.

The blush itself doesn't feel powdery and it doesn't feel buttery either it's just in-between, pigmentation is on point, easy to pick up with brush, applies beautifully but you need to use a really light hand if you don't want to look like a clown especially with the red blush. Staying power is around 4-5 hours which I think is ok for a drugstore blush.

Bourgeois Pig is a dusty pink with slight blue undertones, I love this as an everyday blush, the pink isn't overwhelming, just applies nicely and blends in well give a really beautiful flush.
Red is a matte red with blue undertones, it is obviously more pigmented than bourgeois pig and one definitely needs to go lightly with it.

These two will definitely go with almost all skin tones especially Red my darker skinned sisters will find this appealing plus Red is said to be a dupe for Mac Scarlet Red blush.
PS it's my birthday today! haha! 

Have you tried any NYX blushes? What is/are your favourite blushes? I'll love to check them out! Have a fabulous day!

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  1. I am dying to try NYX blushes, heard they are really good


  2. I haven't tried any of these or any nyx blush/blusher... I am never so sure what to call it. I love these colors and pigment, I shall look into it.

    Happy birthday dear, wish you an awesome day as you celebrate, God bless you today and always, have fun!!!

    1. haha! I love blusher lol! u shld check them out, I'm sure U'll def love em ..

      Amin and Thanks :)

  3. I've never tried any Nyx blushes because they're quite hard to get in the UK.. But I will definitely be ordering some soon :) Happy birthday! xx

    1. Hey Alexandra,
      I'm not sure if you are aware but Nyx Cosmetics is now available in the UK. They have a UK website, so now as Brits no longer have to worry about paying a small fortune just to get our hands on some good old NYX. If you're interested in blushers in particular here's the link hun: :) x

  4. happy birthday dear, i haven't tried any of their blushers lool but i just might

    Simply Uneeke

  5. Happy Brithday hun. I want to get some Nyx blushers, lipsticks and lip pencils. Tbh, I wanna buy the whole NYX site loool. xx

  6. hahahaha.. I call them blushers too, and i see the blue undertone you mentioned. I sent you a birthday wish on Google plus the moment i saw your birthday trending on there. Hope it was a blast. Great review here .

  7. I haven't tried it but will look for it, the colours r lovely

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous


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