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Sick Day Makeup // Brighten Up

Hello beauties,
When I'm a bit under the weather there is only one thing I want to do, stay in bed and watch movies all day long but when it's important to go out!! argggh!!! I definitely have to look good (at least not sick) hate when people ask are you ok? you look this and that! Ok here is what happened I was a bit under the weather some time last week and blah blah-- and I thought hey let me share my tips with my fabulous beauties!

Now there are two things here, 1 is I'm already sick and that means little or no strength, painting and panel beating is not an option all I want is something quick and easy and 2 you really can fake looking good, I mean once you are unwell it shows everywhere so again I need to brighten up the face.

You are already "dulled" up, so everything you apply should bring life to the skin, for that glow from within you should go for an illuminating primer my two favorites are Bourjois Happy Light Luminous Serum Primer and L'oreal Lumi Magnique, I use different primer for places where I get shine but these primers makes your skin look awake and gives you that nice glow from within.

Now let's move to foundation, once your face is primed of course the next things is to apply your foundation, you might want to go for something that is not heavy, a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturizer/BB cream will be fine, reason is you are already unwell you don't need anything that will feel heavy or cakey, you need to look sharp. I love to use Bobbi Brown Long Wear foundation even if you layer up 5 times it doesn't feel heavy or cakey, coverage wise it gives a medium one.

Still on the glow, once you've applied the rest of your face makeup (powder, blush, highlight...) you might want to add a little bit of glow, yes highlight those cheekbones, let them see the sparkle baby! my one only love is theBalm's Mary Lou Manizer-- you can use any highlighter tho it doesn't matter.

Unto the eyes, personally I prefer something simple on days like this, you don't need a dramatic eye, or a smokey eye to drag you down, a simple easy eye look is enough, use neutral eyeshadows, complete your eye look with a winged liner and some nice coats of mascara (you can apply falsies if you wish).

That is it guys! how I survive sick days/ lazy days, simple skin looking makeup, no big fuzz! I hope this helps a few people. How do you go about days like this? Any tips and tricks? Feel free to share!

Have a fabulous day and stay beautiful!

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  1. Being ill sucks but makeup can always help, i love adding a light eyeshadow into the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

    1. yes always! :) I love inner corner highlight as well :)

  2. I totally get you and I hope you get better soon!! I have been seeing this Mary Lou highligter but I was not sure if it would suit darker skin. Could you do a tutorial showing it, pls? I love all the products you chose as they really give some light to the face even when you feel under the weather!!..xx

    1. Thnks I'm ok now :) Ok, I'll try to do maybe a fotd wearing it soon :) but it shld suit ur skin tone, I've seen lots of woc on YT using it :)


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