Lady Wannabe Blog: 3 Ways I've Been Blushing #2

3 Ways I've Been Blushing #2

Hello beauties,
If you follow me on Instagram, you must have seen some of these blushes in a few of my posts, I'm not a blush freak but I do love them and I'm sure I have mentioned that in a few blush related blog posts-- I shared a 3 Ways I've Been Blushing post sometime ago and this is kinda part 2 or some blushes I've been loving lately.... 

First is Zoeva Luxe Color Blush in Burning up, this matte peachy-brown blush is a perfect everyday blush or a blush for those days that you want a warm summer glow, it is quite pigmented I normally wear burning up when I want to fake a no makeup makeup or just a natural looking makeup... You can check out my full review on this blush right here

Another beautiful blush is Essence Silky Touch Blush in 70 Kissable, it is a plum shade with gold shimmer but not too shimmery, it kinda reminds me of Sleek's Rose Gold. I know plum doesn't sound like some everyday blush thingy but I do love to wear this almost everyday lately, it is pigmented and blends nicely, I love to apply this with E.L.F Complexion brush and it gives a nice flush to the cheeks. 

I'm not a Team Pink blush but I've been loving NYX Powder Blush in Bourgeois Pig, it is a powder blush but it is not powdery, well pigmented, it's give a nice pink flush but mostly I love to pair it with other blushes especially a deeper blush to tone it down. Bourgeois Pig isn't an overwhelming pink and this will look good on a lot of skin tones as well. Check out my review here.
Burning Up - Kissable - Bourgeois Pig
Alright ladies! here are the blushes I've been loving!! Have you tried any of these blushes? What is/are your current favorite blush(es)... Let me know I will love to check them out as well! Have a fabulous day! and stay gorgeous!

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  1. I can see myself rocking all the blushes even the pink one. I used to stay away from pink blushes but these days I am loving the ones I have come across. My favourite from your selection is Kissable as it looks suitable for all seasons....Thanks for sharing...xx

  2. Loving MAC's Raizin...been wearing it almost everyday.

    These look lovely as well :)

    1. funny I have raizin on my wishlist! thanks for stoppin by!

  3. Omg, Burning Up is such a gorgeous shade. Recently I've fallen in love with these orange nude brown shades that are warm and sculpting even on my light skin! I love your picks, I'd wear them all too! Being a blush lover and all, I really want to buy some nyx blushes but I've got so many blushes I want to work on a few before I get more affordable ones (its too easy to buy multiples of affordable things)! :)

    1. hahaha! you're so right it's so easy haha! the expensive one are the ones that take time to collect haha! you'll love nyx blushes btw!


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